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Inside Dental Technology
December 2023
Volume 14, Issue 12

An Interview With Andrew Kissin on the Desktop Health Printers & Workflow Solutions

The Einstein Pro XL from Desktop Health is available through Zahn Dental. Inside Dental Technology spoke with Andrew Kissin, Director of Marketing for Zahn Dental, about the dental 3D printing market as a whole and the deeper relationship with Desktop Health.

Inside Dental Technology (IDT): How would you summarize the state of 3D printing materials in dentistry right now, particularly for dentures and permanent fixed restorations?

Andrew Kissin: The current state of 3D printing materials in dentistry, specifically for dentures and permanent fixed restorations, is marked by a diverse range of premium print resins. Dental laboratories now can select from a variety of solutions dependent on the workflow that is best for their business. These materials offer excellent biocompatibility, durability, and esthetics that technicians are used to when creating traditional dentures while reducing their production time.

IDT: What do you envision the short-term and long-term future looking like in this area?

Kissin: In the short term, we anticipate continuous advancements in print resins, resulting in even greater precision, esthetics, and efficiency in 3D-printed dentures. Long-term, the industry may witness the integration of innovative technologies like AI and machine learning, further enhancing customization and streamlining the production process.

IDT: What did Zahn Dental identify in Desktop Health's products that made them attractive?

Kissin: Zahn Dental has been a believer in envisionTEC and Desktop's solutions for quite some time. With the introduction of the Einstein printers and Flexcera, we see this as a great opportunity for dental laboratories to transition their workflow and replace labor-intensive processes with a more streamlined production solution that meets their doctors' and their patients' needs.

IDT: What should readers know about purchasing Desktop Health hardware and materials through Zahn Dental?

Kissin: When purchasing Desktop Health hardware and materials through Zahn Dental, customers can expect a seamless experience. We provide comprehensive support, including training, technical assistance, and everything a dental laboratory will need to fully implement their new workflow. With Zahn Dental taking on more responsibilities regarding the implementation, support, and training on these solutions, we believe our customers will be able to more easily integrate these systems and workflows into their production processes.

IDT: How important is a comprehensive portfolio of products like what Zahn Dental offers with so many options?

Kissin: Our mission is to be the total solution provider for dental laboratories in all aspects. Each laboratory has different business goals and needs. By offering a complete portfolio of products, this diversity allows dental laboratories to tailor their solutions to specific needs, ensuring they have access to the latest materials and technologies. This variety empowers laboratories to stay at the forefront of dental innovation.

IDT: Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know?

Kissin: The team at Zahn Dental is here to help our customers make the best decision for their business. We understand that each laboratory will need a solution that is tailored to their specific needs and our team is trained to help our customers understand which solution is right for them.

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