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Inside Dental Technology
March 2024
Volume 15, Issue 2

Zahn Dental Stays Out Front in the Digital Revolution

Recent distribution deals combine innovative technologies with premium service and support

One of Mark Palmer's main goals when he became vice president and general manager of Zahn Dental just more than 2 years ago was to bring more innovation and technology to the company's portfolio of offerings for dental laboratories. The past few months have been a culmination of sorts in that regard, as several new developments have made Zahn's portfolio of digital offerings as robust as ever. "Our deeper collaboration with Desktop Health ensures that Zahn will continue to lead the industry with the top three 3D printed denture materials on the market: Dentsply Sirona's Lucitone Digital Print, Myerson's Trusana, and Desktop Health's Flexcera," Palmer says. Zahn also introduced the new TRUJETX3 printer for monolithic permanent dentures, and it soon will add Nemotec to a stable of CAD software options that already includes 3Shape. "We are bringing laboratories all kinds of exciting solutions," Palmer says.

The deeper collaboration with Desktop Health was something Zahn sought because of that company's reputation for innovation. "They have always been very strong in research and development," Palmer says. "What we add to the equation is our extensive distribution network and our proven commitment to customer support. They provide the innovation, and we provide the implementation and training." The Einstein Pro XL 3D printer features a 9.8- by 5.5- by 6.5-inch build plate and HyperPrint technology that allows it to produce more than 330 crowns in 30 minutes or 30 full-arch models in 1 hour. Meanwhile, Desktop Health's most popular material may be its Flexcera denture resin, but Palmer touts their entire line. "Their material selection is huge," he says.  "They can help with just about anything you want to print in a dental laboratory."

Zahn's portfolio will be further enhanced by the TRUJETX3, which will utilize the Trusana One jetting resin to print monolithic dentures. "There is one other product on the market that does that," Palmer says, "but nobody else has materials like Trusana. The Trusana Premium 3D Denture Base Resin is testing at more than 10 times what is required for it to be considered high-impact, and that same science and technology went into the materials for the one-piece dentures, which are also very esthetic."

Zahn Dental's overarching goal is to keep its customers on the cutting edge—comfortably so—as the industry moves toward more more efficient manufacturing processes. "We are witnessing a rapid evolution in technology, with 3D printing playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing dentistry," Palmer says. In the short term, Palmer predicts that material and hardware advancements in additive technology will be accompanied by software developments that make utilizing those products easier. Further down the road, he says, software and automation will continue to advance, and materials such as metals and zirconia will be able to be printed much more cost effectively. "The integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning into 3D printing processes is also on the horizon, promising further optimization and personalization in dental solutions," Palmer says.

Zahn Dental will continue to integrate these innovations into its established model. "Zahn is a leader in education, distribution, support, and customer service," Palmer says. "We have decades of experience in dental distribution and a deep understanding of the unique needs of dental laboratories. Our commitment to customer education, training, and ongoing support complements the cutting-edge technology provided by the manufacturers with whom we partner."

Offering a wide variety of options is a critical part of meeting customers' needs, which is why Zahn Dental continues to add new distribution agreements. "Dental laboratories have diverse needs, and a one-size-fits-all approach does not suffice," Palmer says. "By providing a range of solutions, from entry-level systems to high-end, advanced technologies, we empower laboratories to choose the solution that aligns with their specific requirements and budget. This commitment to variety ensures that Zahn Dental remains a trusted partner for laboratories of all sizes, fostering growth and success in an ever-evolving industry."

Palmer says working with Nemotec, for example, will help many laboratories expand their own portfolios more easily through improving the manufacturing processes for surgical guides, orthodontic appliances, soft tissue cutting guides, orthognathic guides, and more. "This industry continues to change and evolve," Palmer says. "Zahn Dental is excited about the solutions we have in our portfolio today, and, almost more importantly, the solutions that are coming. We have the team, the resources, and the commitment." On a personal level, Palmer is seeing many of those goals from 2 years ago realized. "It took time because we thoroughly vet everything," Palmer says, "but we are providing better technology and better results for laboratories. It is very gratifying." 

3D Printing Portfolio Highlights

Zahn Dental exclusively distributes the TRUJETX3™ 3D printer for monolithic permanent dentures with Trusana™ One jetting resin, as well as Myerson’s Trusana™ Premium Denture System, which includes the Trusana Premium 3D Tooth Resin, Trusana Premium 3D Denture Base Resin, and Trusana Bond Denture Adhesive.

Desktop Health
The Einstein Pro XL 3D printer and the Flexcera line of 3D printing resins from Desktop Health can be purchased through Zahn Dental. The Einstein Pro XL is equipped with a large build plate and HyperPrint™ technology, which uses an efficient combination of heat and closed-loop feedback to fully customize how each print layer is processed, providing repeatability, quality assurance, and speed.

Dentsply Sirona
The Lucitone Digital Print™ Denture System, which includes Lucitone Digital Print™ 3D Denture Base and Lucitone Digital IPN™ 3D Premium Tooth materials, is available through Zahn Dental.

Other 3D Printing Brands Available Through Zahn Dental:
• Ackuretta
• Asiga
• Bego
• Dentca
• Dreve
• Formlabs
• Garreco
• Harvest Dental Products
• Keystone Industries
• Kulzer
• Pac-Dent
• SprintRay
• Whip Mix



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