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Inside Dental Technology
February 2014
Volume 5, Issue 2

Axsys’ VersaMILL 5X

An industrial quality machine built for an open dental market

For many laboratories, integrating a new milling solution into their workflow may conjure images of unimaginable horrors—especially ones that frequently come to land squarely on the business’ bottom line. While the digital age is well upon us, there still exists a massive “info-glut” of data on the technology du jour that makes embracing milling all the more difficult. In a perfect world, laboratories would like the ability to tackle a wide variety of applications while ensuring that both the technology and expertise will not just be able to deliver today, but also well into the future. Axsys’ VersaMILL 5X, a versatile, easy-to-use, milling machine, is the ideal solution for laboratories looking to expand their production options.

No Limitations

Of the components that make up digital dental solutions, the milling machine stands as the heart of the system. While many dental mills are capable of manufacturing soft materials, few Dental Machining Centers (DMCs) can effectively, reliably, and profitably provide the ability to utilize the entire range of materials in use today and in the future.

When designing the VersaMILL 5X, the goal was to develop an affordable, small footprint milling machine that offered all the best features and benefits of large industrial high speed CNC machine tools, but was still easy to operate and required minimum maintenance. Such a machine would require adherence to strict design standards, use of high precision components, flawless assembly, and the rigidity to insure the surface finish of the end product produced is of the highest quality.

A Look Inside

While frequently overlooked, the internal makeup of the machine has a significant impact on the quality of the final product and overall reliability of the machine. The internal workings of the milling machine are what provide it with the ability to maintain the geometric integrity of the cutting tool while engaged in machining. If one piece is not functioning correctly, the integrity of its restorations could be compromised. A great method of visualizing this would be to imagine having one wheel of your automobile out of balance. A balanced wheel offers a smooth ride while an unbalanced wheel produces vibration, increases wear on tires and drivetrain components, and introduces all manner of handling problems.

Just as a balanced drive system greatly improves your automobiles ride comfort, reliability, and life expectancy, a well-balanced, smooth running, vibration free DMC will greatly increase the quality and accuracy of any dental restoration. It will also increase tool life and require much less error inducing, profit robbing, post-machining processing.

At the foundation of the VersaMILL 5X is a heavy-duty frame that can handle the torsion forces and vibration induced while machining hard materials like titanium, stainless steel, and cobalt chrome. Industrial high-precision linear rails and ball screws enable the mechanical power transmission necessary for achieving the accuracy required for restorations.

Driving the mechanical components is a closed loop servo system. A servo based control system allows for much smoother operation while comparing real time positional accuracy. Servo based systems also have an added advantage of consistent torque at faster cutting speeds, critical in high speed machining applications.

Finally, the 3kw SycoTec spindle provides the raw horsepower and exceptionally low, vibration reducing run-out (<1.5 µm) required for the complete range of dental materials, while providing virtually zero maintenance, greatly extending cutting tool life, and resulting in astonishing surface finishes.

Combined with a nine-position automatic tool changer, automated tool checking, and many other quality construction and operational features, the VersaMILL package offers benefits for any laboratory looking to enhance their current and long term manufacturing goals and objectives.

A Justifiable Purchase

The cost of owning a DMC is not determined by its initial selling price alone. A high-quality DMC will save its owner far more money during its useful life in the reduction of tooling costs, reworked restorations, hand work, parts replacement, and down-time than any up-front cost savings at time of purchase—you just need to know what to look for.

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