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Inside Dental Technology
May 2013
Volume 4, Issue 5

Trouble-Free Denture Fabrication

A systematic approach for fabricating precision-pressed denture bases

By Eric Kibler

Achieving consistent and predictable dentures is a challenging task using traditional denture materials. There are many limitations inherent in the traditional approach for fabricating complete dentures. The process is labor intensive and requires laboratory technicians to master numerous steps, each of which must be performed consistently and to precise specifications.

As a result, the process calls for intense concentration, extreme dedication, and an abundance of time to master the associated techniques—reproducing material quality, avoiding mixing or dosage errors, and achieving an accurate fit. This involves compensating for shrinkage, preventing an increase in vertical dimension, and ensuring successful tooth bonding.

If these factors are not properly addressed, errors can be costly, time consuming, and culminate in fractured dentures. Additionally, inconsistent quality can result, and patients could receive ill-fitting, uncomfortable, or painful denture prostheses.

At a time when edentulism is on the rise worldwide, clinicians and technicians alike could benefit from a denture fabrication process that resolves these issues. Ivoclar Vivadent’s IvoBase® System is a state-of-the-art, fully automated, and systematic approach for fabricating exceptionally strong and accurate precision-processed, conventional- and implant-retained denture bases. It eliminates intensive techniques and numerous potential missteps. Consequently, laboratory technicians can deliver consistently high-quality, accurate-fitting, and comfortable dentures for dentists to provide their patients.

The IvoBase System Components

Designed with an operating status display that conveniently specifies the current operational status at a glance, the IvoBase System features a fully automated processing chamber from press to cure (Figure 1). With a push-button operator interface, the IvoBase Injector delivers precision-processed, conventional- and implant-retained dentures with nominal effort on the part of the technician.

The automated and systematic approach is controlled by the push of a button and incorporates the IvoBase Injector, flask set, and two types of acrylic—a hybrid warm cure and a high-impact hot cure (Figure 2). Both acrylic types are available in several natural shades, including the popular Preference Shade.

Polymerization shrinkage of Ivocap® and IvoBase acrylic is controlled and compensated for by the patented smart thermo-management technology. The result is a denture base with outstanding accuracy, density, and strength (Figure 3).

Benefits of a Systematic Approach

By combining the advantages of heat- and cold-curing, the IvoBase System enables easy fabrication of strong and accurate conventional- and implant-retained denture bases. Heat curing produces low residual monomer content, good clinical resistance, and a good bond to the denture teeth. This is accomplished by penetrating the polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) tooth base, unlike conventional cold curing. However, the IvoBase cold-curing option is easy to handle, requires a short processing time, and does produce dentures with an accurate fit. Combined, these two processing options represent a new generation of denture materials integrated into one system.

The IvoBase System is a resin injection system with multiple material applications. The controlled heat/pressure polymerization feature combines two chemically diverse materials by continuously discharging the appropriate amount of each material into the flask. This molded injection process combines the advantages of heat-cured and self-cured polymers. Thermal shrinkage is minimized by means of the low-start temperature of less than 40° C. The smart thermo-management technology creates a precision hybrid denture base with high fracture toughness, low thermal shrinkage, and low residual monomer content.

The Systematic Process

Fabricating a high quality denture using the IvoBase System can be achieved in a relatively short time. The steps are straightforward, easy, and begin with preparing the flask (Figure 4). Once the flask is prepared, the wax-up is invested.

The next step includes positioning the wax injection, aeration, and filter components onto the flask. The upper flask half is isolated with silicone and then cast (Figure 5). The wax-up is then boiled out and the teeth are conditioned. Next, the stone surfaces are isolated, after which the aeration filter is placed.

Prior to mixing the material and loading the injector, the funnel is positioned and the insert is centered. The IvoBase Hybrid, 20-ml monomer, 34-g polymer, and IvoBase High Impact 20-ml monomer are mixed using the IvoBase capsule (Figure 6). The capsule is then loaded into the injector and attached to the system’s base (Figure 7). The appropriate program is then selected using the push-button operator interface. The “RMR” function is selected, if desired, and the “Start” button is pressed (Figure 8).

Once the program runs its course, the flask is cooled and the dentures are divested. Finally, the same techniques, tools, and procedures used to finish conventional dentures are used to finish IvoBase dentures. This armamentarium can include crosscut carbide burs, sandpaper wheels, polishing points, pumice with rag-wheel, universal polishing paste, etc. Attention to the processing details will provide a denture that requires minimal finishing and polishing.

The dentures can then be remounted and occlusally adjusted prior to separation from the cast. Once complete, the processed dentures are finished with a final trim and polish (Figure 9).


IvoBase is an innovative system designed for easily fabricating predictable, high quality, durable, and comfortable dentures. By eliminating the various sensitive and tedious steps required of the laboratory technician, the IvoBase System represents an automated and systematic approach for trouble-free denture fabrication. The design and technology compensate for chemical shrinkage and help ensure reproducible consistent quality and accuracy of fit. The system is hygienic, and its plug-and-play design makes it easy to integrate into the dental laboratory.

Eric Kibler is the marketing manager of removable prosthetics at Ivoclar Vivadent in Amherst, New York.

For more information, contact:

Ivoclar Vivadent
P 800-533-6825


Disclaimer: The preceding material was provided by the manufacturer. The statements and opinions contained therein are solely those of the manufacturer and not of the editors, publisher, or the Editorial Board of Inside Dental Technology.

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