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Inside Dental Technology
December 2017
Volume 8, Issue 12

Two Products for One Great Prosthesis

Locator F-Tx and eFiber from PREAT

By James Angelone

When working on a case together for the first time, the dentist and I agreed early on to use an F-Tx prosthesis reinforced with eFiber. The Locator F-Tx (PREAT; is a full-arch fixed restorative solution that eliminates the need for traditional retention methods like screws or cement. Avoiding cement allows for easier prosthesis retrieval and eliminates potential peri-implantitis. The exclusion of screw access channels provides a stronger prosthesis and avoids common esthetic issues with buccally inclined implants and screw access holes in the esthetic zone.

eFiber, also from PREAT, is a PMMA and Bis-GMA-impregnated E-glass fiber that increases both the flexural strength and fatigue resistance (up to 100 times) compared to unreinforced acrylic resin. eFiber is a translucent, adjustable, polishable reinforcement providing maximum esthetics, strength, and rigidity for provisional as well as definitive non-metallic fixed restorations.

The dentist and I collaborated on the surgery to support the F-Tx and eFiber prosthesis. The posterior implants were angled at 17° and the anterior-posterior spread was kept to a 1:1 ratio. What was really nice was how PREAT's staff was available to assist whenever we had a clinical or laboratory procedure question.

I treated this like a screw-retained case post-surgery, using a splinted impression, a screw-retained bite, and a try-in. The F-Tx can be processed directly (chairside) or indirectly, and I chose to process indirectly so that I could use IvoBase (Ivoclar Vivadent, reinforced with eFiber. I wove eFiber around the occlusal portion of the F-Tx housings in order to optimally position the reinforcement. The F-Tx housings were sandblasted and silanated to provide both chemical and mechanical bonds with eFiber. I found the laboratory aspect much simpler and easier. For example, I did not need to worry about non-parallel guide pins holding up my flask when trying to process.

The patient was thrilled with her new smile, as well as with the cost savings associated with the eFiber and F-Tx prosthesis. The restorative prosthodontist did not have the cost of screws, bars, or angled abutments, which allowed significant cost savings for the patient. In my market, a fixed detachable denture runs about $24,000. By comparison, the entire cost for this patient, including surgery, was $15,000. I think these two great products provide a solution that will allow us to offer the same outstanding results at a lower cost and ultimately reach more patients.

Key Takeaways

• Locator F-Tx eliminates the need for cement or screws for retention, allowing for easier prosthesis retrieval
• A translucent, adjustable, polishable reinforcement, eFiber increases both the flexural strength and fatigue resistance (up to 100 times) compared to unreinforced acrylic resin
• Locator F-Tx may be processed directly (chairside) or indirectly
• The savings to the patient can be substantial; in this case, the final product cost approximately 37% less than market price for a fixed detachable denture

About the Author

James Angelone
Owner and operator
Denture Man USA
Independence, OH

Manufacturer Information
PREAT Corporation

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