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Inside Dental Technology
July 2023
Volume 14, Issue 7

Advantages of Lingualized Occlusion

Creating functional, esthetic full-mouth dentures using VITAPAN EXCELL® denture teeth

Jenelle Tabaković

I have started integrating VITAPAN EXCELL® denture teeth into my denture cases and have been very pleased with the results. I also use a lingualized occlusion setup for freedom of movement.

Patient Case

A male patient in his late 60s presented with teeth that were not salvageable. Full extractions were planned, along with four lower implants. After conferring with the prosthodontist, the decision was made to use VITAPAN EXCELL denture teeth for their esthetic beauty and superior function. I have also found that the setup—which can be one of the most challenging aspects of dentures—is easy and streamlined with VITAPAN EXCELL.

Treatment Plan

Once the master casts arrived from the prosthodontist, I designed a set of bite blocks, which the prosthodontist adjusted to confirm the bite was accurate. The bite blocks were returned along with patient images that included the midline, a smile line, and a canine line, which provide precision for where to set the teeth and what teeth to select. The images also help pick out the correct mould based on the size and shape of the patient's face. I opted to perform a lingualized occlusion during the setup to provide freedom of movement. I always start setting with the upper first on a flat plane. I use the Occlusal Measurement Plane (Kolbeck Dental), which is made to fit the articulator comfortably and includes helpful measurements for making bite lines. After setting the full upper onto the flat plate, the buccal labial cusps are raised 1 to 1.5 mm. Before I start setting the lower teeth, I open the pin on the articular 1 mm. Once all the posterior teeth are set, I close the pin back down to the original vertical dimension of occlusion and then mill in the teeth. I then finish setting up the anterior teeth. After the case is set, a wax try-in is created for the patient. The restoration is then invested and processed using the IvoBase System (Ivoclar), which gives the best predictable quality with no shrinkage. Following processing, I perform a cutback and apply pink gingival composites to just the buccal tissue area to give the restoration a natural look. The final step is to shine the teeth with standard denture high shine.


Creating durable and well-fitting full-mouth dentures restored the patient's confidence and smile. Taking the time to find the right VITAPAN EXCELL mould and teeth and using a lingualized occlusion setup resulted in an esthetic and functional full-mouth restoration with freedom of movement.

Key Takeaways

• Patient images of the midline, a smile line, and a canine line provide precision during teeth selection and setup.

• Lingualized occlusion offers freedom of movement and a secure bite for patients undergoing full-mouth denture restorations.

• VITAPAN EXCELL® denture teeth are both esthetically pleasing and functional and are designed for the efficient fabrication of full dentures.

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