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Learn more about 3D Scanning and 3D Printing, and their benefits for your lab!

Connecting 3D Scanning and 3D Printing?

This eBook discusses the benefits of 3D Scanning and how together with 3D Printing, this technology can benefit your lab. 


Learn more about 3Shape's dental scanners with Adaptive Impression Scanning!

What's the best scanner for your budget?

3Shape offers a variety of scanners with the flexibility to choose a subscription package that works for you. 


Learn more about choosing a scanner that fits your needs!

How do you choose?

This blog post from Medit provides great advice in choosing a scanner that fits your lab's needs. 


Learn how this scanner can work wonders for the dentists you work with!

How can scanning simplify workflow?

Learn from this entrepreneurial laboratory how the cara Scane 4.0i can speed up turnaround time and allow dentists to go digital without changing their workflow. 


Find the information you need to integrate CAD/CAM solutions for lab growth!

Looking for CAD/CAM solutions?

Find out more about producing well-fitting, quality restorations by integrating CAD/CAM solutions in your lab. 

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