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Learn more about this lab's protocol for shade veritication!

What protocol do you use for shade verification?

This blog post by Williams Dental Lab provides a shade verification protocol. Download for a great resource!


Learn more about the fundamentals of occlusion!

How does occlusion play a role in comprehensive treatment planning?

Earn CE credit while learning about Pankey's three rules of function!


Learn more about Smile Line's FlexMount!

This brush works with a snap.

FlexMounth works as a shock absorber and allows for maximum comfort and feeling during mixing of procelain and stains. 


Learn more about the relationship between the prosthodontist and ceramist.

How can a relationship lead to predictable, successful outcomes?

This Masterclass covers digital smile design and the results that come from a great relationship between prosthodontist and ceramist.



Learn more about this case and zirconia-based porcelain veneers.

How does a strong understanding of restorative materials help in treatment planning?

This case study from Glidewell Laboratories discusses zirconia-based porcelain veneers and the usefulness of the material in the dental "bag of tricks."

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