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VITA ENAMIC® by VITA North America


VITA North America

VITA North America's VITA ENAMIC® is the first hybrid dental ceramic in the world with a dual-network structure that combines the best properties of ceramic and composite materials. The dominant ceramic network structure and the reinforcing polymer network structure of VITA ENAMIC are fully merged with one another, similar to the way that steel reinforces concrete.


VITA ENAMIC is also highly reliable and offers greater precision, improved edge stability and, as a result, finer, more accurate outcomes than what’s possible with conventional dental ceramics. With the corresponding polishing set from VITA, the material can be quickly polished to a high, esthetic shine. Glazing using light polymerization is also an option. Natural shade nuances can be achieved using one of six light-curing stains. The hybrid ceramic is already at full strength and can be used directly following milling and does not require further processing.

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