Inside Dental Technology
October 2019
Volume 10, Issue 10

Elevating Denture Cases for Greatest Customer Impact

PALA teeth and accessories allow full-service laboratory to level up

B.J. Kowalski

As president of ROE, I head a full-service dental laboratory that has partnered with dentists since the 1920s. Like many laboratories in our rapidly evolving industry, our business is centered around providing quality service to maximize patient satisfaction and minimize chairtime. While our laboratory has fully embraced the digital workflow, our focus remains on producing natural, highly esthetic, and functional restorations..

To that end, I have incorporated Kulzer's line of PALA teeth and denture accessories, which meet the high quality and esthetic standards our customers have come to expect. When we switched to the PALA Mondial and Mondial i lines of teeth, a few attributes drove that decision. I was impressed foremost by the anatomical molds, sophisticated shades and layering, and the natural and esthetically pleasing appearance of the teeth. My technicians especially found the teeth easy to work with and easy to grind.

The ability to integrate the Mondial line with ultra-premium Mondial i provided an even more customized and highly esthetic look that helps us truly distinguish our laboratory. Further, as our number of implant-borne cases grows, I found Mondial i teeth to be an ideal choice, as they hide the framework nicely, integrate well with natural dentition, and have the strength and durability needed for implant-retained dentures.

Being able to offer high-end dentures at a reasonable price satisfies my most demanding customers, and we found it surprisingly easy to get dentists to be receptive to the switch. When we sent out letters explaining the benefits, we received little to no resistance. We've found that the key to great relationships has been maintaining strong communication on a consistent basis.

As trusted partners, our clients recognize that we are the experts in choosing the best teeth with the goal of saving them money along the way. I also integrated other PALA products, such as the Artic teeth line for more value-conscious customers who wanted good esthetics at an economy price. It is a benefit that we can easily adopt both tooth lines into our digital workflow since PALA denture teeth are made with and for CAD/CAM technology. Additionally, we began using PALA Acrylics, as we like the attractive colors and found them to be strong and resistant to fracture. PALA Lab Putty became an easy favorite; the team likes that it comes in a large convenient tub, has great set time, and offers a nice blend of rigidity and resilience.

While we use a mix of manufacturer products to suit our various laboratory needs, over time and with experience we have come to truly appreciate Kulzer's focus on quality, customer service, attention to detail, and the personal touch.

Key Takeaways

Mondial and Mondial i teeth feature impressive anatomical moulds; sophisticated shades and layering; and natural esthetics. Mix and match for high end customization
Proven scientific studies on Mondial and Mondial i for wear resistance, fracture resistance, plaque resistance, and color stability
The additional volume of Mondial i makes it a natural choice for implant overdenture and attachment cases
Artic Teeth are designed to have easy setup and superior functionality at an economy price

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B.J. Kowalski
ROE Dental Laboratory
Cleveland, OH

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