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Inside Dental Technology
October 2023
Volume 14, Issue 10

An Interview With Daniella Keck

Modern Materials® Gypsums and Plasters have been the industry leaders for over half a century. High-quality gypsum, plaster, and dental waxes are the cornerstones of successful smile design. Accuracy is critical in this process, and you will more easily achieve successful outcomes when your materials perform as expected. Modern Materials wax, plaster, and gypsum products are produced according to rigorous standards for processing to ensure consistent results and peerless high performance. These products guarantee the best quality and help laboratory technicians work efficiently with confidence in consistently accurate outcomes.

For the inside scoop on the development of these products, Inside Dental Technology spoke with Kulzer Lab Product Manager Daniella Keck in an exclusive conversation.

Inside Dental Technology (IDT): What need was in the market for better investment/gypsum materials?

Daniella Keck: Kulzer’s Modern Materials Gypsum has been and still is the gold standard of gypsums; it is the most broadly utilized investment material in dental laboratories for fabricating dental molds, models, and dies in creating indirect dental restorations and prostheses. Accuracy in smile design is critical for better-fitting restorations and prosthetics. Providing dental technicians with a high-quality gypsum formula, trusted consistency, and predictable performance are the cornerstones of accuracy in smile design. 

IDT: What can you tell us regarding what went into Kulzer’s development of these products?

Keck: Kulzer is committed to ongoing innovation, ensuring that new developments with Modern Materials Gypsums result in more predictable, reliable outcomes. For decades now, Kulzer Modern Materials Gypsums’ high-quality standards, Good Manufacturing Practices, and our internal drive to source better and better (raw) materials are what distinguish us in the market. Our manufacturing and production teams are exceptionally knowledgeable and dedicated to their craft, and fiercely loyal to our Modern Materials brand. 

IDT: What separates these products from the competition?

Keck: Kulzer’s trusted consistency, robust portfolio, and reliable performance truly set us apart. Modern Materials Gypsums start with the finest raw materials, subjected to rigid manufacturing, testing, and inspections to guarantee consistent results. Our premium gypsum products are available in multiple colors and 20 stone variations so technicians can choose formulas that suit the requirements of each case. Our ongoing commitment to innovation in developing our products results in more predictable outcomes for dental technicians. 

IDT: What do technicians tell you after using Modern Materials Gypsum? 

Keck: Technicians’ feedback is that it is the gold standard in gypsums. We hear from technicians that our gypsum’s consistency is great, easy to work with, and it mixes better compared to competitors’ gypsum. Our gypsum separates cleanly and achieves high reproductive detail in creating a precise replica of the patient’s mouth, ensuring a perfectly fitting restoration.  

IDT: How much does this strengthen the notion of Kulzer as a great partner for laboratories in general?

Keck: In this modern world of evolving chemistries and technologies, Kulzer’s commitment to ongoing innovation and relentless pursuit of developing high-quality materials and technology for dental professionals has established us as a trusted, reliable partner to dental professionals, now and for decades to come.

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