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Inside Dental Technology
December 2018
Volume 9, Issue 12

Superb Customer Support Makes a Difference

3DBioCAD helps laboratory GROW strong CAD/CAM capabilities

By Mike Hammond

Our crown-and-bridge laboratory became the first in the Treasure Valley area of Idaho to mill zirconia in 2013. At the time, many dentists in the area had been sending work to laboratories outside the state, but once we established a CAD/CAM presence, we were able to keep much of the crown-and-bridge work local. Most other laboratories have those capabilities now, but we got a solid jump on the competition, thanks in large part to the help of 3DBioCAD.

I had been reading about zirconia crowns, and I had observed that PFMs were becoming less popular. So I visited a laboratory in Washington that had a scanner and a mill, and they recommended working with 3DBioCAD. Soon after that, I purchased my first 3Shape scanner, 3Shape design software, and Roland mill from them.

3DBioCAD came to our laboratory for 3 days of training, but it was the follow-up that really demonstrated their commitment to supporting us. Just a few hours after the representative left our laboratory, we had more questions. It was late at night, but after his flight landed, he went straight from the airport to his office to get us back up and running. From that point on, we had a strong bond with 3DBioCAD.

Our initial goal was to mill 50 cases in a month. We ended up milling more than 150 in that first month and 300 the second month, and our business continued to grow from there. We have been able to handle the large volume because we have 3DBioCAD's customer service at our fingertips. I have contacted them after midnight on several occasions, and they have had no problem helping me. In fact, when my family and I traveled to Seattle one December, 3DBioCAD representatives took us to dinner and invited us to their Christmas party.

We have now purchased three milling machinestwo Roland DWX-50s and one DWX-52as well as several 3Shape scanners, including the E3, and three 3Shape dongles for design stations. I recommend 3DBioCAD to dentists, laboratories, and anyone else involved with CAD/CAM. I have seen dentists purchase intraoral scanners from other companies and struggle because of a lack of support, but dentists who have purchased the 3Shape TRIOS through 3DBioCAD have said they cannot thank me enough for the recommendation.

3Shape is so user-friendly and Roland is so reliable that we have continued to use those products. But what truly sold me on them was the great people of 3DBioCAD. They bend over backwards for us and are just great people.

Key Takeaways

3DBioCAD offers superior customer support and becomes a partner to the laboratory
A complete CAD/CAM solution, 3DBioCAD sells desktop scanners, intraoral scanners, milling machines, furnaces, vacuum machines, CAD/CAM software, and more
3DBioCAD uses open systems for the products it sells

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About the Author

Mike Hammond
Treasure Dental Laboratory
Boise, ID

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