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Inside Dental Technology
November 2018
Volume 9, Issue 11

CAD/CAM Solutions Provider for Today and Tomorrow

3DBioCAD continues to advance digital impression technology

Industry experts agree that CAD/CAM technology has revolutionized the dental industry. Faster, predictable, more economical, and relatively accurate outcomes are being seen in both clinical and laboratory settings. Although the concept of "digital dentistry workflow" in the clinical setting started about 10 years ago, digital impression technology was slow to gain acceptance due to high cost and the lack of sophisticated capabilities. However, through vast improvements in accuracy and efficiency over the years, digital impression adoption has slowly made its way into the dental industry, providing a high level of predictability with more accurate results than ever before. Due to these advancements in dental technology, gaining the proper expertise in all aspects of digital dentistry has become essential to achieving the most successful outcome, benefiting the clinician, technician, and patient alike.

3DBioCAD was established in 2007 with the mission of delivering superior services, products, and relationships to consistently exceed the expectations of dental laboratory professionals and clinicians. From the beginning, 3DBioCAD has been committed to educating clients not only on how to use dental CAD/CAM technology, but also on how to utilize them most advantageously.

3DBioCAD has striven to make a positive difference in its customers' business and lives by providing intensive technical support. In addition, 3DBioCAD values research and development and currently maintains strong relationships with many US dental education institutions in order to keep up with new and upcoming trends.

In the early stages of digital dentistry, 3DBioCAD partnered with 3Shape in order to introduce intraoral scanners and software as a building block of the digital dental workflow. Before intraoral scanners became widely accepted in the dental community, 3DBioCAD promoted the 3Shape desktop scanners for dental laboratories. Since then, the company has added more product lines, such as the Roland milling machines, as well as other peripheral CAD/CAM consumables like TruZir, TruPMMA, and TruWax.

On the dental laboratory side, other consumables such as pre-shaded and multi-layered zirconia discs have been gaining popularity. They are less labor intensive and have become more economical as the pricing has decreased. For example, 3DBioCAD has recently launched TruZir pre-shaded and multi-layered zirconia that is highly esthetic, satisfying the needs of the dental laboratory.

To develop internal expertise in trending CAD/CAM technology product lines, 3DBioCAD first familiarized its employees with these new products in its own laboratory and milling center prior to introducing the products to their clients. This has allowed the company to maintain quality assurance and encourage clients' trust in its products.

Leveraging its deep understanding and expertise to support dentists and technicians throughout the entire digital workflow, 3DBioCAD is uniquely positioned in the digital dentistry market as one of 3Shape's few authorized distributors for the TRIOS intraoral scanner (above). Since its relationship with 3Shape began in 2010, 3DBioCAD has maintained a reputation for its strong commitment to thoroughly train clients in their new equipment while also providing timely ongoing support.

CAD/CAM technology is here to stay—in both clinical and laboratory settings. Recent developments in CAD/CAM technology have brought positive patient experiences to dental clinics, improved turnaround time for dental laboratories with high-quality restorations, and grown business for both clinics and laboratories. In this regard, 3DBioCAD is well positioned in the digital dental market with its reputation for great customer support and client-driven business development strategies.

With increasing domestic and foreign competition, the need for dental laboratories to differentiate themselves from their competitors is crucial. By offering expanded product lines and faster production times, dental laboratories can adapt to these demands. 3DBioCAD grew out of 30 years of expertise in operating a full-service dental laboratory. Today, the company has the know-how to serve the needs of a growing dental laboratory adapting to the demands of the digital dental landscape.

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