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Inside Dental Technology
November 2016
Volume 7, Issue 11

DOF Is Here to Stay

Pushing digital solutions forward by focusing on the needs of the user

DOF is a developer and manufacturer of digital solutions for the dental market that are not only intuitive but also innovative. The company mission is to provide the dental industry with cutting-edge, open-architecture solutions that allow the user full control of the process and the capability to produce even the most complex cases with ease.

The development of each DOF product focuses strictly on the needs of the final user. Every idea and concept that is incorporated into DOF’s technology begins and ends with the final user in mind and what the user needs in order to increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. The DOF product line includes the DOF Freedom HD Scanner, DOF Swing Scanner, and the all-new DOF Sharp 5-Axis Milling Machine.

As a developer of new technology, DOF brings to market forward-thinking innovations such as the patented Stable Scan Stage method, which was created to allow the user to scan dental models without the use of blue tack or fixtures. DOF is also pleased to present the all-new ScanApp scanning software, which features an optimized yet automated workflow to enhance the user experience while increasing productivity.

With constant expansion across the globe, DOF strives to provide a level of unparalleled support and CAD/CAM solutions to the market. Offices are currently stationed in South Korea, China, Germany, and the US. As of September 2016, DOF proudly announced the purchase of two new facilities—one in Fullerton, California, and a new headquarters location in Seoul, South Korea. The facility in Seoul will feature a new demonstration room for showcasing the company’s complete solution of products, from DOF scanners to the milling machine.

Along with expanding its facilities, the company is making important additions to its global support team. Dental technicians and engineers are being brought on board to enhance DOF’s commitment to constant development and worldwide support.

The new facility in California will feature an educational center for dealers and end-users, show and demonstration rooms highlighting all DOF products, a support center, and a stock of scanners and components for speedy delivery of all products.

The purchase of the two new facilities emphasizes DOF’s level of commitment to all its distributors and end-users. DOF says it is here to stay and that the company will constantly push through all obstacles in order to promote leading CAD/CAM solutions in digital dentistry today and in the future.

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