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Inside Dental Technology
November 2018
Volume 9, Issue 11

DOF/IMILLING Merger Creates Complete Solutions Provider

One source for equipment, support, services, education, and much more

There was a time when Felix Chung believed the digital dentistry was evolving to the point where every laboratory would soon have complete in-house CAD/CAM solutions. As the market grew, however, the CEO of IMILLING and Managing Director of DOF USA observed a change in direction. Laboratories were finding success with various business models, and one need that most of them had in common was for a complete solutions provider—one source to provide equipment, support, outsourcing services, education, and more. Chung and his partners realized IMILLING and DOF USA could meet all those needs. With the companies now merging to form DOF/IMILLING, they will provide the industry with that complete solutions provider.

"We have a well-rounded team that can cater to almost every facet of digital dentistry, and we are very excited to bring that to the industry," Chung says. "Depending on their size, client demands, and other aspects of their business models, laboratories can use our company's products and services in different ways to be the best they can be."

DOF USA purchased its California facility approximately 2 years ago and since then has brought new milling and scanning solutions to the US market, such as the DOF Sharp line of mills, the Freedom HD and Swing desktop scanners, and the DOF SNAP Face Scanner. DOF USA Director of Operations Josh Townsend (previously Vice President of IMILLING) and Director of Sales and Marketing Brent Harvey have spearheaded the efforts.

Chung also credits South Korea-based DOF (Degree of Freedom) with much of DOF USA's growth. While some other companies were using exocad CAD software previously, Chung says DOF's scanners pushed exocad to the point where it is now, one of the leaders in the industry.

"DOF has taken the technology to a level where the exocad design software can be utilized to its full potential," Chung says.

Meanwhile, IMILLING is wrapping up its eighth year as a milling center and vendor in Virginia. The company has established a reputation in that time for its expertise and support of its laboratory partners.

As one company, DOF/IMILLING will offer customers direct sales of DOF equipment as well as milling services, consumables, education, and more. Chung will be CEO, Townsend will be COO, and Harvey will be Chief Business Development Officer. Additionally, Susan Jung will serve as Chief Marketing Officer and Neal Demazure will be Director of Sales.

"When the customer looks at DOF/IMILLING, they will see their complete solution," Harvey says. "In addition to equipment, consumables, and milling services, we will provide education in the form of lectures, videos, social media, and more. We want to be leaders in the industry. Between Felix, Josh, and me, our knowledge covers every aspect of the industry."

Indeed, Chung says DOF/IMILLING's wealth of CAD/CAM knowledge is unmatched in the dental laboratory market.

"We are not only experts at milling crowns," Chung says. "We can advise on 3D printing, CAM solutions, materials, and more."

The goal is for laboratory clients to know that DOF/IMILLING is not simply making sales, but rather providing support as part of a lasting relationship.

"The end user must feel as if they are buying from someone who is backing them up and wants to help them grow," Harvey says.

DOF/IMILLING also will feature an expanded support team with call centers in both California and Virginia.

"We are integrating everything to develop the best flow possible so each customer has the best experience with our company," Townsend says.

DOF's top-of-the-line technology will continue to be a significant asset as well. DOF/IMILLING plans to bring DOF's most affordably priced scanner yet, the Edge, to the US market soon and to sell it directly. Chung believes this will accelerate the trend of laboratories utilizing outsourcing services as part of their business models.

"DOF has never had a scanner at this price point," Chung says. "This will allow people to either buy an extremely affordable scanner or utilize a very inexpensive rental program. They can then use those scanners to send designs to the milling center."

As with everything DOF/IMILLING offers, the Edge scanner will be fully open. Chung says the industry has developed an appreciation for the advantages of having 100% freedom in regard to materials, equipment, and software. Laboratories can capitalize on that freedom with the help of an expert partner such as DOF/IMILLING.

"Josh, Brent, and I are consultants; at the end of the day, if a laboratory works with DOF/IMILLING, they will get the right advice and the help they need," Chung says. "We will be successful as a company if we go forward into the market with that mentality."

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