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Inside Dental Technology
June 2015
Volume 6, Issue 6

Stern SNAPAngled Offers True Angle Correction for Overdentures

Sterngold has always strived to be the industry leader in removable solutions. The company recognized a need for angle-corrective overdenture implant abutment solutions several years ago and was the first to introduce a true angle-correction overdenture implant abutment solution, the Angle-correction ERA Implant Abutment, which corrects angles from the abutment level.

Sterngold continues to address this issue in a clinically proper and innovative manner by correcting angulation from the abutment level with the new Stern SNAPAngled. The product is compatible with all popular implant systems, and its innovative 2-piece design allows it to perform true angle correction of up to 20 degrees on divergent implants, without the need to rely on a hinging attachment.

“We are confident that this product’s true angle-corrective capabilities will soon become the industry standard to solve many clinical and patient complications that result from the use of other overdenture implant abutment products,” says Sterngold Vice President of Sales and Marketing Ryan Mansfield. “Many of our competitors have tried to achieve similar results by attempting to correct angulation from the attachment level, but this has led to severe clinical and patient issues, such as excessive wear of the attachments, and even implant failure.”

The Stern SNAPAngled was developed as a result of ongoing requests from laboratory and clinical customers, as well as key opinion leaders in the industry, Mansfield says. Sterngold’s technical engineering team began working on the innovative solution about 2 years ago, and the product is currently pending FDA approval.

“The goal was to develop a more predictable and reliable solution for angle correction than what is currently available in the marketplace,” he says. “It is widely known in the industry that the ERA was the best true angle-corrective abutment available, but some of our laboratory and clinical customers are not always comfortable working with a cement-retained option. The Stern SNAPAngled alleviated that concern with its captured-screw angle-corrective functionality.”

Mansfield says the feedback during the clinical trial process has been “overwhelmingly positive.”

“The laboratories that have had exposure to the product are extremely excited about the solutions that it makes available to them,” he says. “Our customers frequently express to Sterngold that there is not a product on the market from any other manufacturer that offers true angle correction, and they are anxiously awaiting the release of the SNAPAngled.”

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