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Inside Dental Technology
April 2022
Volume 13, Issue 4

True Value and Pure Performance with Sterngold’s TRU® and PUR® Implants

For Matthew Hallas, DMD, simplicity and predictability are essential when working in implant dentistry. Having completed the Advanced Specialty Education Program in Prosthodontics at the University of Illinois Chicago in 2010, Hallas is trained in both surgery and restorative dentistry, and owns a private practice in Green Bay, Wisconsin, focused on prosthodontic reconstructions, advanced full-mouth reconstructions, and implants. Hallas says, “Any case that anybody doesn’t want to do, we will do.”

So, how does an implants practice maintain simplicity and predictability on even the most complex cases? The answer, according to Hallas, is to find a system that will provide the right balance between affordability, predictability, and usability in the office.

“That is what I look for in a system,” says Hallas, “reliability and compatibility across multiple systems, single tooth all the way to overdentures and everything else in between.”

Hallas was first introduced to the Sterngold TRU® and PUR® Implants system around 2016 when he was asked to help Sterngold design some Continuing Education courses and case studies based on the system. But his experience with the system snowballed, and he has used TRU Implants in his office ever since.

The TRU implant has a conical hex screw vent, and the PUR has an internal hex screw vent. Both are bone level, internal hex connection implants featuring a self-tapping, screw-type body design with a double lead thread pattern and micro threads at the top.

“The TRU and PUR are the same implant body with different heads,” Hallas explains. “In our office, we use the TRU implant. They are the same implant, just different restorative connections.”

With an SGE surface treated for expedited osseointegration and immediate stability, TRU and PUR implants are substantially equivalent to the leading conical and screw-vent connection implants on the market. The intuitively designed surgical kit also features a comprehensive, easy drilling sequence, and color-coded handpiece and ratchet drivers.

Of course, affordability—both for the patient and in terms of clinical overhead—also factors into the usability of any implant system in the office. Sterngold offers both simplicity and affordability in the pricing of their TRU/PUR implants’ All-in-1 Implant Bundle which conveniently bundles the TRU and PUR implants with restorative components at a low, flat fee.

“For a dentist who is just getting started placing implants or ones that are experienced, having all the prosthetic parts included is fantastic,” says Hallas. “You order everything, it’s ready to go, and you just keep taking the components you need as you get to that part.”

In Hallas’s experience, the client support offered by Sterngold is yet another benefit for clinicians.

“Sterngold is a forward-thinking company that looks to create a niche to help the dentist,” says Hallas. “Working with them is smooth and easy, and the CEO, Gordon Craig, is a really down-to-earth person.”

In addition, the Sterngold system’s compatibility with other implant systems allows clinicians to be flexible and adaptive in their implant work and makes TRU and PUR implants easy to integrate into an office workflow. Hallas, for example, does a lot of overdentures with Sterngold TRUs, but uses another company for many of his complex full-arch reconstruction cases, so it is convenient that the TRU Implant heads are cross compatible with that system as well and can be incorporated as a value option. This ease of compatibility also extends to the laboratory side of the process.

“Everything goes smoothly with the laboratory side in terms of fabricating a crown, seating a Stern SNAP, or using a LOCATOR®1,” says Hallas. “It is just a simple, predictable system.”


1. LOCATOR is a brand of Zest Dental

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