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Inside Dental Technology
September 2014
Volume 5, Issue 9

Proven CAD/CAM Technology in Compact Size

Speed and space-saving design makes this new milling unit ideal

The new Zirkonzahn Compact Line Milling Unit M1 has been designed to be compact and space saving (18.78 x 27.28 x 24.13 inches) and is therefore suited for laboratories of various dimensions. It is also characterized by its extremely short milling time, thanks to its fast engines (50,000 rotations/minute).

The M1 Compact Line makes proven CAD/CAM technology accessible to everyone. It is ideal for those technicians who want to provide their laboratories with increased added value and want to become independent of milling centers.

Developed based on the proven technology of the Milling Unit M5, this new series is available in equipment variants for different requirements. As with the classic CAD/CAM System 5-TEC, the design of all M1 Milling Units can be customized on request, such as in different colors or motifs.

With the M1 ABUTMENT, it is possible to process pre-cast titanium abutments (Raw® Abutments) and glass ceramics. The milling of one abutment unit takes approximately 20 minutes, while for glass ceramics, milling requires 40 minutes.

The M1, M1 WET, and M1 WET HEAVY variants are equipped with the innovative 5-axes orbit technology and therefore meet the highest technical standards. The 5-axes orbit technology means that milling is possible at any conceivable work-piece position. Even undercuts and diverging abutments are processed simply and quickly. Along with crowns, inlays, onlays, telescopic crowns, and small-to-circular bridges, an operator also can realize individually manufactured abutments, full zirconia abutments, screw connections, attachments, bars, and total prostheses.

All M1 Milling Units, except the M1 ABUTMENT, offer a 6-fold or even 8-fold tool changer. The machines differ with regard to their processing spectrums. The M1 is designed to process soft materials such as Prettau® Zirconia, ICE Zirkon Translucent, pre-sintered aluminum oxide, resin, wax, wood, and sinter metal. The M1 WET version is further equipped with a wet-processing function, enabling not only soft materials but also glass ceramics to be wet processed.

Both soft and hard materials can easily be wet and dry processed with the M1 WET HEAVY. The 4-fold orbit and a milling spindle with a special high torque provide extra stability, which is essential for milling hard metals (titanium and chrome-cobalt). Sintering times per unit for M1 WET HEAVY are 7 minutes for wax, 10 minutes for zirconia and sinter metal, 40 minutes for titanium, 40 minutes for glass ceramics, and 40 minutes for chrome-cobalt. The machine also has a storage magazine for raw blanks.

The CAD/CAM System 1-TEC is a combination of a milling unit of the Compact Line Milling Unit M1 with the Zirkonzahn S600 ARTI Scanner and the user-friendly Zirkonzahn software. More precisely, an entire CAD/CAM System 1-TEC consists of Milling Unit M1, scanner, PC, screen, keyboard, and mouse. The software includes the archive software Zirkonzahn.Archiv, modellation software Zirkonzahn.Modellier, nesting software Zirkonzahn.Nesting, CAM software Zirkonzahn.CAM, CNC software Zirkonzahn.Fräsen, scanning software Zirkonzahn.Scan and an update and help software.

Zirkonzahn’s technical progress also brings forth innovations that can ideally be integrated into the technician’s workflow. With the Face Hunter, Zirkonzahn offers a new scanner for photo-realistic 3D digitization of patients’ faces.

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