Inside Dental Technology
May 2013
Volume 4, Issue 5

Straumann CARES® System 8.0

Delivering added efficiency, flexibility, and simplicity with new products and software functionalities for dental laboratories

Straumann CARES® System 8.0 completes the integration of CARES into the Dental Wings platform, offering users an open platform with fully integrated Straumann and Dental Wings functionalities for customized abutment and full-contour crown designs. CARES 8.0 optimizes digital workflows, increases design efficiencies, improves ease of use, and extends Straumann’s prosthetic portfolio of leading implant- and tooth-borne restorations.

Validated interfaces throughout the complete Straumann-validated prosthetic digital workflow—from scan to design to mill—are designed to offer precise, high quality restorations. Straumann never compromises on quality. Each production line at Straumann is designated to processing one material, in one machine. Each restoration is checked for wall thickness, surface defect, and marginal integrity.

In 2011, Straumann joined forces with 3M ESPE and Dental Wings to adopt a standard software platform that will help lead to full flexibility in the digital workflow, facilitate the connection of multiple data sources, and offer numerous production options for design flexibility. What does this mean for you as a laboratory? Today, laboratories using Straumann CARES have access to multiple data imports and exports. Just announced at IDS 2013, and scheduled to be available later this year, 3M ESPE and Straumann have developed a “Trusted Connection” that will allow dentists using the new 3M™ True Definition Scanner to send the scan directly to dental laboratories using the Straumann CARES 8 System. The laboratories use the scan data to design and order Straumann prosthetics for implant- or tooth-borne restorations.

CARES System 8.0 was designed to meet the needs of laboratory customers who wanted a more efficient software platform. New functionalities include simultaneous scan and design, a patented* morphing algorithm for inlays, onlays and veneers, mirror anatomy, intuitive SRBB feature, and additional timesaving solutions. Dental laboratories can use these features to work faster and more efficiently, giving them an advantage in a challenging environment.

Another efficiency within CARES System 8.0 is CARES X-Stream™—a solution-driven functionality that provides a one-step, single-tooth implant-based prosthetic restoration. The laboratory technician simultaneously designs the customized abutment and customized full-contour crown or coping. Turnaround time and shipment cost are significantly reduced. At the same time, the design software and controlled milling environment provide excellent fit and consistent, reproducible quality.

In addition to CARES ZrO2 and CARES Ti customized abutments, laboratories can now offer referring specialists the CARES® Variobase™ Abutment, a hybrid abutment with a titanium bonding base and a zirconium dioxide coping. This offers laboratories the combined benefit of a metal-to-metal implant abutment with an original Straumann connection and a variety of esthetic shades to adapt to a patient’s oral situation.

Monolithic materials are in demand, and laboratories can choose from a variety of options within the CARES System. With System 8.0, Straumann delivers a new monolithic material, zerion® HT, a translucent zirconium dioxide ceramic for efficient full-contour crown-and bridge-restorations. It is available in four shades for high-end esthetics and requires minimal processing—no layering is required, saving time for the laboratory technician.

As part of Straumann’s value-added services, a technical support team of trained CDTs is available to remotely assist the laboratory technician with software or scan questions. Real-time software connectivity and a camera inside the scanner facilitate technical support. Three-day training sessions are available free of charge to new CARES customers so they can efficiently use the system soon after purchasing, while monthly webinars and additional training sessions are available year-round for continued learning to maximize the use of the software.

For more information, contact:

P 800-448-8168
W www.straumann.us/CARES8
E info.usa@straumann.com

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*US patent pending

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