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Inside Dental Technology
January 2012
Volume 3, Issue 1

HERAEUS PALA Mondial® and Mondial® i Denture Teeth

Designed to deliver an unprecedented combination of form and function to meet the needs of today’s dentists and patients.

While denture technology has certainly improved markedly over the past 200 years, until recently, it was virtually impossible to find denture teeth that truly looked and functioned naturally. To address this challenge, Heraeus devoted years of intensive research and development to create technology capable of optimizing not only esthetics, but also the function and articulation of the occlusal form. And now the fruits of those labors are available in the form of the Mondial® and Mondial® i lines of denture teeth.

When innovating these new systems, Heraeus studied the functionality of natural teeth. Material scientists and technicians measured performance by simulating masticatory movements in a virtual articulator. These theoretical values were confirmed in live clinical trials, and the study process was then continued in normal use over many years until the designs and manufacturing techniques were perfected.

The Mondial and Mondial i lines are artistically designed, engineered, and manufactured to have the correct tooth form, embrasure space, anatomical line angles, and attention to morphology. As a result, it is possible not only to place the teeth in their proper alignment in relation to anatomical position, but also to reproduce the tissue between the teeth in a natural manner.

Both lines of denture teeth are CAD/CAM-fabricated using bilateral digitalization, which makes 100% identical pairing possible. The zero-tolerance digital mold construction also means no dimensional deviation, as well as precise intercuspation resulting from correct occlusal anatomy in posterior teeth.

Mondial and Mondial i also feature an exclusive NanoPearl® technology, which incorporates a combination of unique microfillers and nanoparticles and a micro-hybrid reinforced polymer bead technology that adds toughness and resilience to the teeth.

Mondial Line

The Mondial line has been designed to satisfy the denture patient who is primarily concerned with anterior esthetics. A three-layering technique gives Mondial teeth a nice blend from the deep dentin to the translucent enamels, resulting in an impressively natural appearance. The contrast of dentinal color to the incisal has a constant seamless blend and modest characterization that is very popular with many patients. A wide variety of tooth shapes, in vibrant colors due to pronounced contouring of the labial surfaces, is available to complement square, triangular, oval, and rectangular faces.

The layering of Mondial teeth has been adapted to that of natural teeth. The pronounced contouring of the labial surfaces ensures dynamic shades in every light. Mondial anterior teeth have no age-related abrasion surfaces. In addition, the cervical collar can be variably aged by selective grinding, making Mondial appropriate for every age group. Morphologically correct occlusal anatomy also makes the Mondial posterior teeth look natural and guarantees precise intercuspation. The buccal surfaces, the layering, the color effects, and the variable neck have also been anatomically matched to the anterior teeth.

Mondial i Line

The “i” in the Mondial i name stands for both “increased” size and “increased” characteristics, such as an enhanced incisal edge and implants. A three-dimensional multilayering technique developed by Heraeus elevates Mondial i teeth beyond the distinct layering transitions of conventional denture teeth. This advanced process interlocks layers to produce blended, translucent enamel that normally could only be found in natural teeth. The teeth are more characterized than conventional denture teeth, with true-to-life indentations and a transparent incisal edge. The fact that this technology lends itself to larger sizes makes the Mondial i line ideal for posterior teeth.

In addition, the anatomical shape of Mondial i teeth also makes them ideal for implant overdentures. This is a significant statement, as the stress applied to screw-retained appliances is greater than that of conventional denture teeth. With an implant-supported case with no proprioception, forces can exceed anything to which a natural tooth would be subjected. Material selection must have a balance between hardness, modules of elasticity, and esthetics. This requires special materials and special manufacturing techniques, both of which are pertinent to Mondial i teeth.

Mondial i dimensions replicate natural teeth and have been fabricated to be placed in vulcanite denture bases. It is not necessary to have a space in the cingulum for metal retention pins, or a greater amount of denture base material to support the forces over the ridge for vulcanite. Natural contours can be duplicated on the lingual of the denture base as well as the labial surface when the tooth form is correct, allowing proper annunciation and a less crowded feel to the tongue. When denture teeth have natural form, there is room for implant fixtures or attachments to be inside the tooth. Even the smallest Mondial i bicuspid has room for a chimney and screw in a screw-
retained fixture.

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