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Inside Dental Technology
October 2011
Volume 2, Issue 9

Zirlux™ FC from Zahn Dental

A pre-shaded, high-translucency, full-contour zirconia system that eliminates the need for the use of coloring liquids.

Laboratories, dentists, and patients all demand a natural, esthetic outcome regardless of the clinical situation. For bruxers and patients with worn dentition, metal or metal-occlusal restorations were often the best option to ensure a reliable restorative outcome. Full-contour zirconia has emerged as an alternative to metal restorations, offering conservative preparations and providing the strength needed to withstand occlusally challenging situations. As gold prices continue to rise, many laboratories are turning to full-contour zirconia as the restorative material of choice that will satisfy the dentist and patient while allowing the laboratory to maintain or grow its bottom line.

Zirlux FC, one of the newest entrants into the full-contour zirconia segment, is a unique system of high translucency, (Figure 1) pre-shaded full-contour zirconia that eliminates the need for the use of coloring liquids to preshade the zirconia prior to sintering. Zirconia FC powders are pre-shaded during the manufacturing process prior to being pressed into disc form. The result of this highly controlled shading and production process is discs that have an even shade throughout the entire depth of the zirconia, effectively allowing for milled restorations that reliably have the same desired base shade every time. This eliminates the occasional unpredictability that can result when dipping, and ensures that if a dentist grinds on the restoration, a white spot will not appear under the stain.

Additionally, to ensure the highest quality of discs possible, all Zirlux FC discs are isostatically pressed. Unlike linear pressing, isostatic pressing applies pressure to the mass of powder equally from all directions. The result is a disc with an even distribution of zirconia powder and air. The subsequent sintering process then results in uniform shrinkage and predictable dimensions.

Zirlux FC offers a unique shading system that allows for an efficient and reliable method for producing full-contour zirconia restorations. Using five base shades of zirconia, the laboratory technician can use the Zirlux FC external stains and glaze to produce all 16 A-D shades as well as three bleach shades. The stains are coordinated to the unique base shades of zirconia. Using either a single- or double-stain procedure, the laboratory technician simply adds stains and glaze and fires in a traditional porcelain furnace.

To get started using Zirlux FC, the dental technician simply needs to purchase a Zirlux FC characterization kit from Zahn Dental (Figure 2). The kit contains seven stain pastes, seven modifier pastes, glaze paste, and glaze medium. Using the coordination chart printed on the inside cover of the kit, the stain pastes are used in combination with the appropriate base Zirlux FC zirconia shade to reach the final desired shade. Zirlux FC modifiers, such as blue, white, and orange, are used to add individualizations to the restoration to ensure an accurate match to adjacent dentition and provide an esthetic result (Figure 3).

All Zirlux FC stains, modifiers, and glaze are developed specifically for use on full-contour zirconia and fire at 1,000°C. Zirlux FC glaze contains fine leucite crystals to provide added chemical durability in the intraoral environment.


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