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Inside Dental Technology
May 2011
Volume 2, Issue 5

ErgoEZ™ Bench by NevinLabs™

An ergonomically designed laboratory workbench that can be customized to meet the technician's personal and professional needs.

With the new ErgoEZ line of benches, DentalEZ® Group and its NevinLabs brand are bringing ergonomics to the dental laboratory. ErgoEZ benches are developed to offer reliability, functionality, and organization in an esthetically pleasing ergonomic design. Users have the choice of single, double, pedestal, and custom benches, all of which can accommodate the personal needs of each technician.

In a recent survey conducted by the manufacturer, more than 7,000 laboratory owners identified the most important features they look for in a bench as appropriate height and width, lighting, dust collection system, and drawers. Nevin considered all of these factors and more to create the most comfortable, ergonomically correct workbench for the laboratory technician.

Nevin first examined the commonalities of lab technicians by conducting research on the human form. They used 95th-percentile male and 5th-percentile female statistics to adapt the bench to the user, as opposed to forcing the technician to adapt to the workspace.

To assess the fit between technician and bench, Nevin considered the job being done, the demands on the lab technician, and the size, shape, and location of the equipment used. These considerations led them to identify several areas of bench design in which ergonomics are critical—work surface height, head/eye rotation, reach and work zone, seating, and armrests.

Research in Action

The ErgoEZ bench includes an adjustable bench height range of 30 to 34 inches that easily adapts to create an ideal, personalized working environment. Both eye rotation and side-to-side reach data were used in calculating the optimal distance from work surface to lab technician, resulting in a viewing area that allows maximum head and eye rotation. Nevin used the common area of comfortable upward reach from a 95th-percentile male and a 5th-percentile female range to determine the ideal location for the workspace shelves.

Ergonomically engineered stools are built to place the lab technician in the correct position for maximum efficiency, optimum visual accessibility, and comfort. Like all other NevinLabs laboratory workbenches, the ErgoEZ offers five lab stool options—the DentalEZ Generation Stool, Simplicity by DentalEZ Stool, and the NevinLabs 708, 730, and 750 stool lines.

The ErgoEZ armrests provide expanded support for increased comfort and dexterity range. Arm support on all Nevin workstations alleviates fatigue while providing maximum comfort and avoiding pressure on the median and ulnar nerves. The material used on the supportive arm boards is optimized to eliminate vibration and resist friction.

The intelligent drawer design on ErgoEZ benches has a multitude of configuration options to fit specific needs, including a choice of shallow or deep storage drawers. The drawer inserts can be removed for easy cleaning, and technicians can also choose an accent color for the drawer face to further customize the look of the bench. The ErgoEZ tool holder places tools within easy arm reach and is angled upward for maximum ease of deployment. A retractable cord helps maintain a clear work area, free of trip hazards.

The ErgoEZ also features a magnifying lens, task lighting, gas valve and air blowgun with regulator, individual dust collecting system with shield, and motor control panel with lighted power switch and indicator lights. An optional Nevin LabPro™ handpiece can be incorporated into the workbench.

All NevinLabs benches are made of steel construction with a powder-coated finish and are available in a wide variety of colors. They are shipped pre-assembled and pre-piped for electric so they are ready to use upon delivery. With reasonable care and good housekeeping, NevinLabs cabinets have a service life of 25 to 30 years.


The manufacturer provided the preceding material. The statements and opinions contained therein are solely those of the manufacturer and not of the editors, publisher, or the Editorial Board of Inside Dental Technology.

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