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A Dental 3D Printer for $4,999? Learn How it Works: Step by Step

Sam Wainwright

DATE: Monday, May 25, 2020



In today’s uncertain economy, making the correct investments is vital to scale cost-efficiently. Dental labs rely on 3D printing technology for constant time-sensitive production of repeatable, accurate parts. With the multitude of 3D printing options in the market today, it’s not easy for dental labs to choose a printer that’ll affordably produce parts for a wide range of indications. In this webinar, Sam Wainwright, dental product manager at Formlabs, will teach you about our 3D printing ecosystem, optimized to produce high quality dental parts in a hassle-free and clean workflow. Then, Sam will walk through a step-by-step workflow for printing surgical guides on an in-office dental 3D printer.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the total cost of ownership, materials, and labor required in the Formlabs Dental ecosystem
  • Analyze over 10+ different dental materials you can use to produce dental parts and biocompatible appliances
  • Determine how the quality and accuracy of your dental parts are impacted by Low Force Stereolithography technology


Mr. Wainwright is the Dental Product Manager of Formlabs.

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