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Special Issues
March 2019
Volume 0, Issue 0

Pala 3D-Printed Dentures

1. The Pala 3D Printed Denture can be nested, printed, cleaned, post-cured, bonded, polished, and ready for delivery in less than 2 hours.

2. The 3D-printed solution for dentures reduces production time while increasing laboratory efficiency and quicker patient turnaround times.

3. This fully 3D-printed denture solution makes it possible for customers to enjoy exceptionally precise results quickly and affordably.

4. Kulzer recently launched 10 new FDA-cleared dima Print materials, four Denture Base shades and six Denture Teeth shades.

5. Using the cara Print 4.0 3D DLP Printer along with Pala cre-active, technicians can add individual characterization to any printed denture base.

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