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June 2015

Stratasys: Leading 3D Printing Innovation

Creating physical objects from digital data

For more than a quarter century, Stratasys has been at the forefront of additive manufacturing technology development and innovation. Today, the company manufactures 3D printing equipment and materials used in 10 diverse industries from automotive, aerospace, and defense to entertainment, commercial, and dental. Stratasys’ 3D printing equipment and materials create physical objects directly from digital data. Its systems range from affordable desktop 3D printers to large, advanced 3D production systems, making 3D printing accessible to everyone. Manufacturers use Stratasys 3D printers to create models and prototypes for new product design and testing, and to build finished goods in low volume. Educators use the technology to elevate research and learning in science, engineering, design, and art. Hobbyists and entrepreneurs use Stratasys 3D printing to expand manufacturing into the home—creating gifts, novelties, customized devices, and inventions.

In the dental space, dental laboratories use Stratasys 3D printing solutions to create patient-specific models, wax patterns, surgical guides, orthodontic appliances, and more in large or small volumes—perfect for any sized business. Now, Stratasys has brought its newest innovation to market featuring triple jetting technology. For the first time, laboratories can print different material consistencies and color shades within the same end product to create models with lifelike gingival texture and color; jaw models directly from CBCT scan data with high-definition tooth, root, and nerve canal anatomy; and groups of models that require several materials to be built simultaneously in one unattended job.

Stratasys continues to innovate, offering laboratory owners efficient, cost-effective, and versatile 3D printing solutions specifically targeted to your production needs. Turn the page for an inside peek at the new innovations the future holds for this additive technology. And don’t miss exploring the wide range of 3D printing solutions and myriad 3D printed products Stratasys offers the dental laboratory industry.

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