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The growing edentulous population and the arrival of viable digital denture technology have reinvigorated the world of removable prosthetics in recent years. Conventional techniques continue to be widely utilized as well, as the demand for beautiful, functional dentures continues to require skill and knowledge in the fabrication process. Make this Resource Center your home for education, product information, articles, and more about removable prosthetics.


Retrofitting Crowns to an Existing Removable Partial Denture Using a Dual-Arch Impression Technique

The dual-arch impression technique for a crown is well documented in the literature 14-17 as being a viable and accurate technique if used appropriately.


Learn more about digital integration and removable prosthetics!

What is the impact of digital integration?

See what these industry leaders said about its impact on removable prosthetics!


Learn more about how digital denture fabrication can work for your lab!

How has digital denture fabrication impacted the lab industry?

This eBook presents two case examples and insights on how you can put digital denture fabrication to work in your lab.


Digital Denture Diagnostics

Improve communication and visualization for case planning



Learn more about to effectively communicate technical needs when using conventional or digital denture workflows.

How can you communicate technical needs better to improve outcomes?

This Masterclass covers both conventional and digital denture workflows and the language necessary to communicate effectively. 

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