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Learn more about selecting materials for indirect restorations!

How can material selection impact restorations?

California Dental Lab covers advantages and disadvantages of lab materials in this blog post. 


Learn more about Dentsply Sirona's inLab CAD/CAM materials!

When does diversity help?

Dentsply Sirona's inLab CAD/CAM materials cover a wide range of indications, and support a broad selection of materials on the market. Learn more!


Learn more about acetal resin and its benefits!

What are the benefits of acetal resin?

This eBook from CAP explores the four indications that can help you provide patients with improved comfort and grown your profitability.


Learn more about how the technician successfully matched a new crown with ceramic materials!

How can you manage ceramic materials for esthetic outcomes?

This MasterClass examines the case of a 30-year-old patient and the technician's ability to match existing crowns with ceramic materials. 


Learn more about the science of zirconia restorations!

What do you know about zirconia and its uses?

This eBook seeks to demystify zirconia, providing a background on the science and terminology of zirconia restorations as well as exemplary cases demonstrating the esthetic/strength combination that is possible with zirconia.

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