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Whether a dental laboratory’s fabrication process involves milling, 3D printing, or analog methods, a common goal is to achieve the best possible combination of strength and esthetics. New materials continue to help laboratories in the pursuit of those goals, regardless of the tools being used. Make this Resource Center your home for education, product information, articles, and more about millable materials, printable resins, ceramics, liquids, and more.


Creating Esthetic Results in Minimal Space

Understanding the optical properties of materials is crucial



Updating Classifications of Dental Ceramic Materials

By understanding the classifications, composition, and characteristics of the latest all-ceramic materials, which are presented in this article in order of most to least conservative, dentists and laboratory technicians can best determine the ideal material for a given treatment.


High-Performance Workflows: Managing Multiple Materials in Your Laboratory

The development of advanced restoration materials continues to accelerate, and technicians need to know how these materials work to stay competitive. Learn more about what’s available, what’s on the horizon, and how to incorporate these high-performance products into your workflow.



Learn more about how the technician successfully matched a new crown with ceramic materials!

How can you manage ceramic materials for esthetic outcomes?

This MasterClass examines the case of a 30-year-old patient and the technician's ability to match existing crowns with ceramic materials. 


Learn more about the science of zirconia restorations!

What do you know about zirconia and its uses?

This eBook seeks to demystify zirconia, providing a background on the science and terminology of zirconia restorations as well as exemplary cases demonstrating the esthetic/strength combination that is possible with zirconia.

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