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Digital dentistry offers laboratories benefits ranging from efficiency to precision and much more. Precise scanners, powerful mills and printers, advanced software, and innovative materials continue to serve as useful tools as laboratories strive to remain competitive. Make this Resource Center your home for education, product information, articles, and more on CAD/CAM.


Digital Denture Diagnostics

Improve communication and visualization for case planning



Redefining the Dental Laboratory Workflow with 3D Printing

Explore the technologies and capabilities of additive manufacturing



Learn more about the materials you need to gain the edge on your competitors!

What materials do you need for the competitive advantage?

This eBook reviews high-performance materials and how laboratories can gain a competitive advantage by developing an expertise on the capabilities of these new options and opprotunities. 


Learn more about risk management and analysis!

How do you determine risk to your lab?

Technology enables laboratories to provide services beyond their primary location. This article provides a framework for assessing legal and regulatory issues that lab owners might consider. 


Learn more about how small and mid-size labs can take advantage of outsourcing!

How can small and mid-size labs take advantage of outsourcing?

Rick Sonntag discusses how third-party fabrication can help some labs do what they do best. 

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