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Producing an exceptional product is only part of operating a successful laboratory; fast turnaround times and competitive pricing are also priorities for many dentist-clients. A whole slew of business tactics can impact a laboratory’s efficiency, from management techniques to purchasing decisions to tax strategies. Make this Resource Center your home for education, advice, and more on business.


Kaizen Your Way to Productivity

The low-cost, low-risk method offers continuous improvement



Lab Management: Key Techniques to Maximize Your ROI

This webinar provides different strategies increasing efficiencies by integrating digital technology into the dental laboratory.



Getting Started with Strategic Outsourcing

Shift the financial burden of production to digital service providers



Learn more about what the FDA expects of CAD/CAM dental labs.

How does the FDA classify lab-based CAD/CAM manufacturing?

Tim Torbenson provides valuable insight into how the FDA views dental laboratories and its expectations for CAD/CAM manufacturing. 


Learn more about how the new tax laws could affect you!

What will new tax laws affect small businesses like yours?

As accountants and attorneys are exploring how these new laws could impact businesses, it's important to get a jump on how these laws affect your businesses. 

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