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Preference Soft Denture Liner by Whip Mix®

Preference Soft Denture Liner

Whip Mix®

Bringing comfort back to dentures, this lab processed soft denture liner is incredibly soft, amazingly strong, and super easy to use. Starting out soft with a Shore A Hardness value of 30.1, the silicone-based liner remains soft up to 4 years based on accelerated aging tests. When applied properly, this liner does not delaminate from the acrylic base due to a unique curing process comprised of using a pressure pot at 80 psi for 14 hours.

While the unattended pressure pot ensures the seal, the actual working and finishing time for the liner is less than an hour with no flasking or pressing needed. Most importantly, this soft liner will snap up around the ridge, reducing the need for some surgeries. Preference Soft Denture Liner can be used for new, rebased and relined dentures. 

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