The continued aging of the baby boomer population is expected to be accompanied by a subsequent rise in edentulism and increased demand for removable prosthetics. As digital processes become more viable for denture workflows, laboratories are reaching new levels of precision and efficiency in this realm. Make this product page your resource for the latest products related to removables, from digital denture systems to RPD materials and conventional denture tools.

Nobilium has integrated the latest digital technologies for the Print-to-Cast™ technique to manufacture removable partial denture frameworks.
Rhein83, in collaboration with Teamwork Media, launched a textbook dedicated to implantsupported and combined removable prostheses.
The SEBOND integrated opaquer/ bonder for frameworks, available through SDG Innovations, now comes in dentin shades (A3, A4, C3, D2) for use under composite or even on clasps without overlying material for improved esthetics.
AvaDent Digital Denture Solutions’ Snap-Pin Bar gives the patient the comfort of a fixed denture with the benefit of being able to remove and clean the denture.
Shofu's Trinia provides the solution for metal-free dental prosthetics.
Shofu’s Veracia SA is a semi-anatomical aesthetics denture teeth system composed of microfilled hybrid composite reinforced with layers of glass.
Harvest Dental’s ZCAD™ PolyGum™ offers a dense, high-impact gingiva polymer with excellent tissue coloration, accurate vein stimulation, and outstanding translucency.
Zirlux® Acetal is a millable acetal resin available in five shades with properties that closely mirror those of a natural tooth, making it a flawless solution for laboratories.
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