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M-Series by Carbon



Carbon offers highly reliable end-to-end dental laboratory solutions with its pioneering Digital Light Synthesis™ technology and M-Series 3D printers, which feature fast printing and high accuracy (often ±50 μm). Carbon’s 3D Manufacturing solution is changing the dental industry with world-class materials and a digital workflow that seamlessly integrates into an existing production environment. The intuitive software makes production easy and streamlined, and the 100% inclusive service and support ensure customer success every step of the way.

Carbon’s 3D printing hardware is fast, connected, and robust, with faster build times than other methods, the highest yields, and best-in-class printer uptime. Its 3D printing software is intuitive and easy to use, with regular updates offering new tools and production capabilities. It also features instant delivery of print profiles and part provenance and analytics. Carbon also offers world-class materials like its DPR10 dental model resin and a surgical guide resin.

  • M2 Printer Build Volume: (189 mm x 118 mm x 326 mm)
  • M1 Printer Build Volume: (141 mm x 79 mm x 326 mm)

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