Production Strategies Articles

  • Optimizing CAD Files for Outsource Production

    Mark Ferguson
    Inside Dental Technology - December 2014

    Laboratories must make smart purchasing decisions

  • Start Small But Think Big

    Rob Nazzal
    Inside Dental Technology - October 2014

    Online marketing tools help level the playing field

  • Data Disasters: In the Eye of the Storm

    Robert Gitman
    Inside Dental Technology - September 2014

    In an era of sophisticated storage, disaster takes on a whole new meaning

  • An Economy of Words

    Susan van Kinsbergen
    Inside Dental Technology - August 2014

    Three-way dialogue gives an edge to all the players on your team

  • The Dark Side of Digital

    Susan van Kinsbergen
    Inside Dental Technology - July 2014

    Common mistakes that laboratories make when introducing CAD/CAM to the team

  • The Three Levels of CAD/CAM Integration

    Susan van Kinsbergen
    Inside Dental Technology - June 2014

    Expanding your business with new technologies

  • Digital Services in the Dental Laboratory Industry

    Keith Miolen, CDT
    Inside Dental Technology - May 2014

    Using outside sources to meet demand and increase profits

  • What is the Real Cost?

    Inside Dental Technology - May 2014

    Critical factors in determining which processes work best for your business

  • Outsourcing as a Flexible Business Model Strategy

    Chris Brown, BSEE
    Inside Dental Technology - September 2013

    Choosing an outsourcing partner that helps your laboratory meet its goals

  • Return on Investment for CAD/CAM

    Rob Nazzal
    Inside Dental Technology - July/August 2013

    When purchasing a CAD/CAM system, it is critical to put a process in place that ensures that there will be a sound return on investment (ROI).

  • Outsourcing Opportunities

    Kyle Swan, CDT
    Inside Dental Technology - October 2012

    An introduction to outsourcing services for your laboratory.

  • Counterfeiting Epidemic

    Mark C. Jackson, RDT
    Inside Dental Technology - January 2012

    One of the most troubling trends in dentistry today is the free substitution of products by both foreign and domestic laboratories.

  • The Rush to Digitize

    Pam Johnson
    Inside Dental Technology - May 2011

    New developments that will propel dentistry even farther on the digital highway

  • Foreign Exchange

    Pam Johnson
    Inside Dental Technology - April 2011

    How does offshore manufacturing fit into the equation for laboratories stateside and abroad?

  • Dying for Sleep

    Alan Barnes
    Inside Dental Technology - March 2011

    New business opportunities abound for laboratories tapping into the sleep apnea market.

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