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Optimizing Monolithic Translucent Zirconia

August 9, 2018

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  • To acheive natural texture in CUZR, texturizing must be done by "analog" technques.
  • Texturizing the surface of the CUZR with different courseness of carbides and laboratory diamonds gives very different results.
  • Using a glaze powder, then mechanical polishing, followed by diamond polishing paste, gives a much more realistic finish to the surface.

One elusive goal of all-ceramics is to be able to fabricate restorations with minimal or no application of a secondary phase of a material while maintaining esthetics. In other words, the goal is to develop a monolithic material that has optical properties close enough to the tooth to be used without layering of porcelainGet your lab ready for the future of dentistry. This eBook explains how to move from analog to digital workflows, find a 3D printer for your dental practice or laboratory, and get a return on investment within months, rather than years.

This eBook presents very specific techniques to optimize monolithic cubic zirconia (CUZR)—also referred to as super translucent multilayer—in form, texture, and color. Edward A. McLaren, DDS, MDC, demonstrates the techniques, tools, and tips to achieve ideal esthetics and a realistic finish. 

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