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Next-Generation CAD/CAM Material for Metal-Free Restorations

February 21, 2017

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  • A fiber-reinforced resin composite allows more efficient fabricating, adjustment, and relining.
  • This zirconium silicate does not require firing and maintains its true color.
  • Semi-anatomical teeth facilitate completion of a precise set-up in about half the time.

Exciting new technological developments are revolutionizing the laboratory industry. While each development offers functional and esthetic opportunities, laboratory managers face additional responsibilities in determining the ideal material for individual circumstances.

Workflow disadvantages with some materials can be costly and time consuming, impacting dentist and patient satisfaction. For the laboratory, fabricating can be costlier, less efficient, and prone to errors as additional production steps result in less predictability.

This eBook features two cases demonstrating the use of advanced CAD/CAM materials offering distinct advantages over other options. In the first case, a fiber-reinforced resin composite allows the creation of premium, durable, and resilient products efficiently with very reasonable costs. The second case focuses on an efficient system of four individual posterior teeth set on an occlusal template for each side of the arch to facilitate set-up in half the time with consistently precise results.

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