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Make Your Scrap Work for You: State of the Art Precious Metal Refining

October 8, 2019

Commercial Supporter:


  • Prices for precious metals remain high, and the minor amount of time it takes to refine scrap continues to be profitable.
  • Best-practice refiners pay for 4 precious metals, based on a secure, validated assay process.
  • A scrap melt and a complete four-element assay requires 5 to 7 days.

Contrary to some reports, metal continues to occupy an important place in dentistry. Even though more metal-free materials are being used, an estimated 20% to 25% of restorations in some laboratories still include metal. In addition, laboratories find a portion of their customer base that prefers to use metal, believing PFMs are stronger and better for some clinical situations.

Precious metal scrap continues to be a high-value resource that should not be overlooked. Learn how to collect your scrap and achieve full value, with efficiency and confidence. 


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