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How to Guide for Achieving Lifelike Results with Pre-shaded Zirconia

March 10, 2016

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  • Pre-shaded zirconia discs and blanks offer technicians a foundation to which they apply stain and glaze to achieve their desired results
  • It is important to make any anatomical adjustments and polish rough surfaces before staining and glazing
  • Step-by-step process for staining and glazing using ArgenZ Esthetic Shaded Zirconia

There are a wide variety of zirconia products available, including high strength, high translucency, and super translucency, the newest category of zirconia products specifically designed for the anterior region. Further, pre-shaded zirconia is growing in popularity due to the added benefits of the consistent base shade.

ArgenZ Esthetic Shaded Zirconia is a highly translucent zirconia that can be transitionally shaded and custom colored in the green stage before sintering. This how-to eBook will guide you through the recommended techniques for staining and glazing using this product to achieve the most natural looking restorations.

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