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Inside Dental Technology
March 2024
Volume 15, Issue 2

Smart Tech Continues to Forge the Way

Executive Editor Daniel Alter, MSc, MDT, CDT |

Smart technology in the field of dentistry has significantly expanded our means of facilitating a comprehensive and efficient dental restorative protocol. Whether treatment, restorative, or preventative, the technologies deployed today can make outcomes significantly better and more efficient. The dental laboratory community has witnessed the development of many new technologies, with additive manufacturing currently at the forefront. Between 2024 and 2030, the worldwide market for just dental 3D printing is anticipated to expand from an initial valuation of $3.1 billion at a pace of 26.4% CAGR.1 The better the laboratory community understands the technological progress in the clinical setting, the better we can then align our laboratory's position on our dentists' teams.

There are many efforts currently being made to develop smart technologies—those utilizing artificial intelligence (AI)—that affect how dental professionals and patients think about preventative dentistry and maintenance compliance. Intelligent toothbrushes, scanning/photo capturing devices, and diagnostic tools are just a few examples of cutting-edge technology that use the Internet of Things (IoT) or the cloud to link up with smartphone applications. This allows users to receive immediate feedback on their oral health, caries detection, bite and/or orthodontics, and more. The applications can communicate with a local dentist—or if access to care is a challenge, these apps make it easier to obtain qualified virtual dental assessments or teledentistry. While using the applications on smartphones, one can get tips on how to brush more effectively and how to take better care of teeth in general. These gadgets have built-in diagnostic technologies that can spot the first warning signs of dental users can get treatment before it becomes too late. These applications will alert the patient if an in-person dental care provider is needed.

These smart dental devices are designed to integrate easily into people's daily lives. They give people the information they need to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Advancements in these areas hold great potential for enhancing accessibility and engagement in overall dental care for individuals of all ages. Astute laboratory owners and managers should remain abreast of these developments and understand them well in order to have valuable conversations with their dentist clients. Not only will these technologies have the potential of generating more restorative work, but knowledge of them will further establish you and your laboratory as a peer when speaking with dentists. In fact, dentists often rely on the dental laboratory's expertise in technology to help them navigate today's technological ecosystem.

It is my great pride and honor to elevate and inspire with knowledge.


1. Dziurzyński D. 5 dental tech trends transforming patient care in 2024. Applover. February 12, 2024. Accessed February 16, 2024.

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