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Inside Dental Technology
November 2023
Volume 14, Issue 11

The Information Age

We live in a phenomenal time in history: the Information Age, with a plethora of choices for all our desires, needs, and wants. The choices we make typically come from the information we attain, permitting us to weigh multiple contributing factors and, ultimately, make the decision or purchase that serves us and our families best. It is equally important, in our dental laboratory businesses, to take note of all the solutions and products available in dental technology and, in turn, provide our dentists and their patients with best-in-class solutions and treatment protocol options to facilitate their desired outcomes. In order to assist you with this worthwhile endeavor, we are proud to share with you the annual Product iNavigator edition, which lays out various options categorically in chart form, so that you can navigate through the categories and aggregates of available solutions in the market and make the most informed decision for your dental laboratory and those it serves.

Now, more than ever, new solutions and products that enter the market can provide you with the potential of better and more efficient means of fabricating the ideal prosthesis—tools we simply did not have in our toolboxes just a few years ago. Our dental clients are similarly searching for a progression for their own dental practices to stay relevant, modern, and on the cutting edge. As a laboratory community, we are relied upon for our expertise in materials, technology, and esthetics, and our dental clientele often consults with us on what prosthetic solutions would provide for the best outcome. With my tremendous gratitude to the IDT team members who assembled these charts, it is my hope that you use this resource to help navigate through the options in a concise and easily digestible format; I truly hope it provides you with everything you need to stay competitive and continue to thrive.

It is my great honor and privilege to elevate and inspire with knowledge!

Daniel Alter, MSc, MDT, CDT

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