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Inside Dental Technology
July 2023
Volume 14, Issue 7

The Next Levels of Innovation

AI, automation, and photogrammetry improve the potential of dental laboratories to operate at peak efficiency and effectiveness

Each July, the Inside Dental Technology team identifies a handful of cutting-edge topics and enlists experts within the profession to share their insights and speculations on these subjects. The goal is to make the annual Tech Issue not only a resource regarding some of the latest technologies being utilized in dental laboratories but also a glimpse into the future of what may be possible.

This year's topics are artificial intelligence, automation, and photogrammetry, and we are privileged to present the expert insights of veteran laboratory executive Chuck Stapleton, laboratory owner Ryan Faufau, and CAD/CAM technician Blake Roney.

Stapleton was named Vice President and General Manager for Dental of 3D Systems in May after previously serving as a Senior Vice President for National Dentex, Chief Operations Officer at Sun Dental Labs, and Senior Director of Research & Development at DenMat, among other positions. He is well known for his breadth of knowledge on technology and laboratory operations.

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Faufau is the President of Peak Dental Technologies, which he founded in 2020. He entered the dental field with an expanded involvement at the University of Iowa, where he assisted in research for new products at the Dows Institute for Dental Research. He then worked in Georgia for both Microstar Dental and VIVIDX Lab before joining Custom Milling Center and serving as Director of CAD/CAM Resources. He later became Director of Global Research and Digital Technology for Henry Schein, and he is known for his expertise in digital dentistry and technological advancements.

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Roney is Digital Solutions Manager for S.I.N. Dental USA. He holds a degree in engineering graphics and has years of experience in full-arch design. He regularly teaches CAD software courses and was the recipient of a 2020 "Masters of the Craft" award during Chicago Midwinter. He is known as one of the leading experts on photogrammetry.

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As we share these industry leaders' insights, we hope to help keep you up to date on the latest innovations on the market, prepare you for what developments might be forthcoming, and help you understand the potential impact of these technologies on your laboratory, your dentist clients, their patients, and dentistry as a whole.

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