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Inside Dental Technology
October 2022
Volume 13, Issue 10

Setting New Standards for Combining Strength and Esthetics

Glidewell continues to be a leader in dentistry and a partner in success for dental laboratories

The introduction of BruxZir® Zirconia in 2009 was nothing short of transformational for dentistry, and Gildewell believes BruxZir Esthetic is on its way to making a similar impact. "BruxZir set the standard for strength and durability, but we heard our customers in regard to the esthetics," says Raj Malyala, PhD, Glidewell's Vice President of R&D – Materials. "BruxZir Esthetic offers beauty without compromising strength, via a proprietary formulation."

Malyala says BruxZir Esthetic's high esthetic properties are only slightly lower than those of lithium disilicate. "BruxZir Esthetic definitely has a unique vitality and a more lifelike feel when compared with any other zirconia that is sold on the planet today," he says. "The shades are very predictable. When used with the correct sintering process, it is extremely easy to stain and glaze." BruxZir Esthetic is indicated for use anywhere in the mouth, but where it proves perhaps most useful is in the anterior. "It has the strength and toughness to use throughout the full arch, but our users particularly prefer it for veneers, crowns, and bridges in the anterior zone," Malyala says.

How does a laboratory keep raising the bar for manufacturers? Malyala says Glidewell's core business is precisely what gives the company an advantage. "We have the most technologically advanced R&D and engineering teams, with more than 100 advanced-degree scientists and engineers, including several PhDs, who have access to one of the world's busiest dental laboratories, so several thousand experienced dental technicians can collaborate to craft and refine our solutions in a way unlike any other zirconia supplier," he says. Sharing the fruits of that labor with other laboratories is important to Glidewell as well. "The art and science of the dental laboratory is important to us, so sharing what we learn is critical beyond business reasons," Malyala says. "Our goal is to continue to deliver innovative materials and solutions to transform the dental laboratory industry. We want to be a building an enabling partner to help other laboratories enjoy success." As digital dentistry and materials continue to evolve, Malyala is confident that zirconia will be a mainstay, and that Glidewell will continue to lead the pack. "We will continue to innovate and make the dental technician's job easier by providing a product that helps them, the dentist, and the patient," he says. "In this way, I am excited to work toward the greater good."


Jim Glidewell, CDT

Stephenie Goddard

Raj Malyala, PhD
Vice President of R&D – Materials


When Glidewell opened for business as a dental laboratory in January 1970, its customer base could be counted on one hand and its workforce could be counted on the other. Today, up to 5,000 Glidewell professionals design and manufacture crowns, bridges, dentures, implants, and more for dentists around the globe. By the turn of the century, Glidewell had developed dozens of materials and laboratory services that incrementally pushed both the company and the industry forward: BruxZir® Full-Strength, BruxZir® Esthetic, Obsidian®, Hahn Tapered Implant System, BioTemps® Provisionals, Silent Nite® Sleep Appliance, Simply Natural Dentures and Partials, Clear-Lock Retainers, and more. In the early summer of 2009, Glidewell introduced the dental community to BruxZir® Zirconia, a monolithic zirconia restorative material indicated as a tooth-colored alternative to PFMs and cast gold restorations. As of the 10th anniversary of its release, BruxZir had become the single most-prescribed brand of solid zirconia restorations, with almost 30 million BruxZir restorations prescribed and seated globally.


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