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Inside Dental Technology
September 2022
Volume 13, Issue 9

A Single Thought

It is said that separating the most successful people from the rest begins with a single thought. As we try to think bigger, grow our businesses, and evolve to what we envision ourselves to be, believing in that single thought is the key. Falling prey to all of the negatives that surround us, including our own lack of confidence, can be easy. Not every thought or idea is perfect, and our thoughts and goals should grow and evolve. The mindset of thinking bigger, opening our minds to greater possibilities, and pushing the boundaries of what we might think possible should not be underestimated. If we set our own limits on what is possible, we will be bound by them. Yet, if we have a vision of where we want to be and what we want to achieve in today's global market, and allow ourselves to think bigger, the possibilities are endless.

Behind every great accomplishment must be a personal desire—a drive to push beyond what has been done before, or what seems possible. Everyone desires success. Whether it is to become an accomplished athlete, a great musician, a master dental technician, or a prospering businessperson, we all want to grow, to be better. And why shouldn't we think big? In Into Thin Air, mountaineer Jon Krakauer writes, "Once Everest was determined to be the highest summit on Earth, it was only a matter of time before people decided that Everest needed to be climbed." If your desire is to reach the top of the dental profession—as an artist, a businessperson, or both—believing in your vision and considering your personal strengths and abilities allows you to foster the growth mindset that can separate you from the pack. Dental technicians such as myself have traveled the world, teaching and sharing the passion for our profession. And yes, 20 years ago, that was just a single thought, a vision of traveling and meeting other talented dental professionals. Of course, your vision does not need to be the same as others'. Technicians today might work on laptops from trains, design restorations from backyard lounge chairs, or sit at a bench trying to perfect the representation of nature through manual means with our vast material options. Your vision is your own summit, your mountain to climb, and each achievement starts as a single thought, an inclination to a possibility of what could be. Allow yourself to think bigger. Make your own plan and follow your thoughts with passion and conviction.

Peter Pizzi, MDT, CDT

In Memoriam

The entire IDT team passes along our deepest condolences to the Whip Mix team and industry friends and family of Bernie Jaroslow for his untimely passing. Bernie's contributions to the dental laboratory profession were immense and irreplaceable, and his support for IDT and its educational mission will always be remembered. He will be sorely missed. - Valerie Berger

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