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Inside Dental Technology
June 2022
Volume 13, Issue 6

Behind the Business

Behind each of the businesses in our small dental community, there is a person. Someone's mother or father, son or daughter, sister or brother, etc. Each month, I sit down for a period of time to write this column, and I try to find the words to help motivate, inspire, create thought, or just tell a simple story. Sometimes, the columns seem to write themselves. Sometimes, I struggle to find what I want to say, or how I want to say it. This is one of those columns for which I wish I had the words to adequately express my feelings.

The focus of my January column was: "The world is changed by your examples, not your opinions." This month, our feature article is on business and my intention was to present an interesting, honest take on how I began my business. However, as I was completing my thoughts, I received some news that shocked my world. A businessman, but more importantly, a father, a husband, a mentor, a leader, and a friend had just passed away. If there is one person who has always led by example in our profession, as I wrote about in that January column, it was and will always be Mr. Steve Killian. I have l always considered Steve as a friend and an inspiration.

I met Steve several years ago when he brought me into his laboratory for a dental ceramics course. I left that day inspired by him, his team, and his family members who helped operate Killian Dental Ceramics. Over the ensuing years, I was honored to call Steve a colleague and a friend. Steve's CV features a long list of honors and charitable foundations, including serving as a valuable board member here at IDT. The passing of friends and family, as sad as it is, should also remind us of the legacy left behind, as that never passes. Steve Killian's legacy shall certainly live on and continue to inspire us. As we work on improving aspects of ourselves in the hope of achieving success, let's not forget the relationships, friendships, and personal interactions along our journey. Steve has touched many of our lives, will stay in our hearts, and will always be part of the IDT family.

I would also like to acknowledge another board member, Dwight Rickert, who suffered the recent loss of his brother. We are a small community, and it is this community that helps us to move forward. I hope that together we all express our support to our members in times of loss.

Peter Pizzi, MDT, CDT

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