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Inside Dental Technology
November 2021
Volume 12, Issue 11

IDS Recap: AI Platforms Abound

Eli Ganon

The 2021 International Dental Show (IDS) demonstrated once again that it is the leading global trade fair of the international dental industry: Despite the backdrop of travel restrictions in many regions of the world amid the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 23,000 trade visitors from 114 countries attended IDS 2021 to inform themselves about the offerings of 830 exhibiting companies from 59 countries.

IDS 2021 featured various solutions for 3D printers and materials, but artificial intelligence was perhaps the most noteworthy category.

3DIEMME ( provides the dentist or dental technician a personalized solution for specific needs, ranging from complete software and hardware to specialized services software customization, virtual modeling, and multi-material rapid prototyping. Additional features include AI superimposition of CBCT DICOM and STL, and tooth segmentation.

Imagoworks ( provides a digital dentistry CAD solution with AI support. The company’s 3Dme Studio can carry out AI alignment, inspection, Boolean operations, and many otherswithout any installation.They have developed AI technologies for various modalities in dentistry: from structured data (X-ray image, 3D CT volume) to unstructured data (3D point-cloud, mesh data). The classification, segmentation, detection, and 3D model generation can be automated using state-of-the-art deep learning technology.

Diagnocat ( is the most sophisticated dental AI platform, allowing precise second and third diagnoses and improving dental treatment. It empowers dentists in the eyes of their patients and colleagues. This is a real revolution, taking dental diagnosis and CBCT interpretation to the 21st century:

• Built with the dentist’s optimal workflow in mind
• Multi-modal—works with CBCT scans, 2D X-rays, and even clinical photos
• Works with all types of dental images
• All reports are stored in the cloud and can be viewed on any device
• Automatic renderings and CBCT panorama reformat
• Automatic segmentation and creation of 3D models for the needs of digital dentistry—STL
• Second opinion for self-control (screening for signs of pathology for each tooth)
• Fast creation of medical records

Start-up company Pearl ( will introduce Second Opinion, an AI software application that helps dentists detect pathologies and other conditions in dental radiographs. This computer vision platform can instantly detect dozens of common pathologies. Trained on X-rays annotated by a team of world-renowned dentists, the system gives dentists and patients the peace of mind they deserve. Plus, the system is always learning––making Second Opinion the only other opinion dentist will ever need.
Implant 3D ( is the software that allows clinicians to perform 3D implant simulations directly on a laptop. The software allows the user to simulate the position of implants on 2D and 3D models, identify the mandibular canal, trace panoramic views and sections of the bone model, view the 3D bone model, and calculate bone density. With Implant 3D, the dentist can plan implant-prosthetic surgery safely, efficiently, and quickly.

Designed for dentists, the IRIS software solution from C4W ( and GO2CAM ( opens up new perspectives for the design and manufacture of prosthetic crowns directly in the office. Fast and intuitive thanks to an ultra-simplified modeling process, IRIS considerably reduces the time required to complete the work. The fruit of a collaboration between two French companies, IRIS integrates the best of 3D CAD and CAM technologies.

Artificial intelligence by Medit ( now identifies the location of your scan body, but it also automatically launches all that proper information into CAD software for instant abutment designs. This feature allows users to register data to the abutment or scan body library so that the library data can be matched to the scan data during the scanning process. This simplifies the workflow by automatically aligning the selected library data with the abutment or scan body you are scanning so that you don’t need to scan it fully to get a complete result.

MODJAW ( is inspired by the animated movie industry; the device allows dentists and orthodontists to record the real-time jaw motion of their patients and to create their dynamic digital twin. MODJAW’s unique platform can aggregate all patient data, including 3D models, 4D movements, and CBCT and facial scans. It then creates a digital “clone” or exact virtual replica of the patient. This solution is the realization of the company’s strong belief that both static and dynamic data should be considered when treating a patient.

With the VistaSoft ( package, you will gain access to powerful AI features that not only will make your day-to-day work in the practice noticeably more effective but will also significantly increase the reliability of diagnostic work ahead of complicated procedures.

The Zaamigo ( tooth camera quickly analyzes your dental hygiene. Algorithms instantly highlight ugly stains, plaque build-up and gum inflammations.

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