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Inside Dental Technology
September 2021
Volume 12, Issue 9

Exceptional Support for Overdentures

The Novaloc® matrix housing system is a prefabricated connector for retaining removable dental restorations on compatible abutments. The system consists of a housing an interchangeable PEEK plastic retention inserts with different retention forces ranging from ~0.5 lbs to ~5.5 lbs. Due to its design, you have the possibility of engaging dental implants angled by up to 20°. This means that divergences between two implants of a maximum of 40° can be corrected.

Inside Dental Technology spoke to Medentika Senior Product Manager John Luangrath, CDT, about the product's impact.

Inside Dental Technology (IDT): Why is the Novaloc matrix housing system such an important option on the market?

John Luangrath, CDT: This product was developed in 2011 to address the issue of wear and tear resulting in loss of retention on some of the liner systems that were available at the time. Dentists and patients were looking for more durable options and better value. The Novaloc matrix housing system was developed by Valoc, with Medentika as the distributor; both are now part of the Straumann Group. They recognized that there was a need to improve the housing system and the performance of overdenture attachments and abutments.

IDT: How critical are the angulated elements of the system?

Luangrath: When dentists place implants, they have many factors to consider, such as sinus locations and general anatomical positioning of certain critical areas of the jaw and bone. For example, when a dentist needs to perform a sinus lift or bone augmentation, or just position the implant in such a way that it may not be ideal to restore with, that can add costs to a restoration or procedure for the patient-to the point where sometimes it renders the procedure infeasible. Thus, having an angled abutment option provides the ability to place an implant that may not be a consideration otherwise. Dentists typically are trained to place implants perfectly parallel up and down, but with the angled option, 20° divergent support is possible on each side. Certainly, using an angled abutment with the Novaloc housing system will allow you to efficiently restore a lot more challenging situations with regard to implant placement.

IDT: Why else is this product so beneficial?

Luangrath: The Novaloc matrix housing sytem is patented globally, and there are certainly other companies utilizing the more rigid, harder plastic binder, but where the Novaloc system sets itself apart is in its simplicity. The tooling involved with servicing and handling the system itself is very simple, streamlined, and efficient. We also have some unique tooling that allows the housing to be removed. During a chairside pickup or a laboratory processing of a denture, the housing can be removed simply by heating the tip of one of our tools and pulling it out of the denture. The ability to save time in servicing these overdentures can really add up for both the dentist and the laboratory. Additionally, with liners, many studies show that the PEEK material is less susceptible to moisture absorption, so it ends up being more rigid and durable. Dentists and patients definitely get better value by investing in both the Novaloc matrix housing system and the MedentiLOC abutment. The abutment comes with a 3-year warranty, so a dentist can guarantee it will not lose functionality within 3 years.

IDT: How much of a benefit is it for Medentika to have the resources of the Straumann Group available?

Luangrath: It's a huge benefit. Medentika has been around since 2005, so the company has been known as a high-quality implant manufacturer for a long time. They started out making components and privately labeling components for other manufacturers. What caught the eye of Straumann was their technology, their reputation for quality, and their pipeline of innovative products. The Straumann Group's high standards reinforce the quality of Medentika's products. The Straumann Group's backing also shows that we will be here for a long time, we have a great pipeline, and we have strong support-both on the back end and globally. When we have access to other systems and components within the Straumann Group, it allows us to share knowledge, technology, and best practices with each other.

IDT: What else would you tell people about the general state of Medentika in 2021?

Luangrath: Medentika recently celebrated its 5-year anniversary in the US. In those 5 years, we have definitely carved a name for ourselves with overdenture users not only for the Novaloc system and MedentiLOC, but also on the overall dental implant restoration side with our digital product portfolios, our laboratory analogs, and the high quality of our components. Medentika is known globally for innovative products and forward-thinking components. In the US, we have made a lot of believers and we have a great customer base among both clinicians and laboratories.

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