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Inside Dental Technology
August 2021
Volume 12, Issue 8

KeySplint Hard and Soft

Michael S. Pagano, DDS, Co-Owner of Virginia Total Sleep, on KeySplint Hard® and KeySplint Soft® from Keystone Industries.

KeySplint Hard is the newest addition to the KeySplint line of 3D printing resins. With 30-plus years of making photopolymers at scale in its ISO 13485 and FDA-registered manufacturing facilities in New Jersey, Keystone Industries has more than 240 passing biocompatible tests.

KeySplint Soft was an absolute game-changer, and now with KeySplint Hard, we can use this line for 100% of our splints and orthotics. Keystone's extensive validation process gives me confidence the materials will work well and be safe for my patients, which is huge because the world of 3D printing can be like the wild west.

How does KeySplint Hard perform?
I have found it to be less brittle than other hard materials because of its high flexural strength. The splints do not break like they have with previous materials from other companies.

How predictable are KeySplint Hard products?
The validated workflow from start to finish ensures a nice, predictable product every time. I really appreciate the time they have put into validations and FDA clearances.

How does it help your bottom line?
Depending on your fees, one bottle can pay for your whole 3D printer. A 1-liter bottle can print 60 to 100 splints, meaning the unit cost is only approximately $3 to $5.

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