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Inside Dental Technology
June 2021
Volume 12, Issue 6

RealGUIDE Makes Surgical Guides Easier and More Accessible

The RealGUIDE™ Z3D Guided Surgery Kit has been designed for use with the Zimmer Biomet Dental Tapered Screw-Vent®, Trabecular Metal™, and 3.1 mm Eztetic® Implant lines.

The fully guided kit information is available in the RealGUIDE Software Suite, an open system for diagnosis and advanced surgical guide design that will support you with customized drilling reports to be well-prepared for dental implant therapy.

To get a more in-depth look at how the RealGUIDE Software Suite came to the market and what its impact has been and will continue to be, Inside Dental Technology spoke with Zimmer Biomet National Sales Manager Steve Kauffman in an exclusive interview.

Inside Dental Technology (IDT): What need did Zimmer Biomet identify for this type of product?

Steve Kaufmann: Zimmer Biomet has a list of goals for digital dentistry as a whole. One of the most important goals, in my opinion, is achieving a better patient experience. Utilizing a guided software allows the dental team to execute top-down treatment planning, considering the requirements of the final restoration to place the implant in the proper position. The RealGUIDE Software Suite’s open-architecture system makes it easier for more dentists to offer that improved experience to their patients.

IDT: How did the product arrive on the US market?

Kaufmann: 3DIEMME developed the RealGUIDE Software Suite in Italy a few years ago and is now on version 5.0, working on 6.0. The software had been marketed in Europe, but only a few US customers were using it. Zimmer Biomet recognized it as a product that we would be able to make available to a larger demographic both in the US and in Europe. The technology is so thorough, convenient, and easy to use; and while we would prefer that dentists use Zimmer Biomet implants and the RealGUIDE Z3D Guided Surgery Kit, they can still utilize the RealGUIDE Software Suite with other systems to give their patients the best treatment possible.

IDT: How much more accessible does surgical guide design and fabrication become for more laboratories with this option?

KauffmanThat service becomes more viable for several reasons. First, we offer a very low barrier to entry; a laboratory can download a 30-day free trial of the software and use it for as many cases as they want in that time. Beyond that, we have a very low subscription fee and export/click fees. It is not necessary to purchase any software or hardware; the RealGUIDE Software Suite works with any 3D printer. We also offer what we call the “Easy Button,” whereby if a laboratory is backlogged with design work, we offer outsourcing services. Whether you have never fabricated surgical guides before, or you are comfortable doing them already, RealGUIDE is a very cost-effective solution for both laboratories and clinicians.

IDT: Are you observing an increased demand from laboratories for products to fabricate surgical guides?

KauffmanAbsolutely. I met yesterday with a laboratory that had never done any guided surgery cases. Before even going into detail about the power of the software, we discussed the overall business model, which includes the collaboration and communication the software provides. Coordinating people’s busy schedules for meetings can be challenging, but the communication aspect of this software makes it super easy. We also have a mobile app that allows a clinician to view and approve a designed guide or implant treatment plan on their phone or tablet. It is a 3D image, rather than just a PDF. They can view it from any angle, or they can remove the waxup or the anatomy to get a better idea of where the implant is being placed within the bone. You cannot do that with a PDF.

IDT: Getting clinician buy-in is the first step to achieving this level of collaboration, as they need to start the communication process prior to implant placement. How does the RealGUIDE Software Suite help incentivize clinicians to do this?

KauffmanThe software includes the restoration components to make the top-down approach easy. For example, the clinician can actually view where a screw access hole comes out, in order to provide proper restorative support for the final product. Collaboration and communication really set RealGUIDE apart, because of the ability to share with each team member—restorative clinician, oral surgeon, and laboratory. No longer is it a one-way street with one person dictating where the implant will go. The RealGUIDE Software Suite facilitates the combination of expertise from every member of the team in order to provide a better patient outcome.

IDT: What has the feedback been from users?

KauffmanIt has been extremely positive, and it is often almost instantaneous as laboratories are able to see within minutes of downloading the software how robust it is and how many helpful tools we offer. One laboratory recently downloaded the RealGUIDE Software Suite after having used other software options previously, and less than 15 minutes after starting a case with it, they texted us a GIF of clapping hands. Everyone has been very excited about it.

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