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Inside Dental Technology
February 2021
Volume 12, Issue 2

Bringing Premium Materials to the US

New Stetic strives to make customers' lives easier

Advancements in materials science continue to drive the dental profession, and one of the most innovative manufacturers may be an unfamiliar name to some in the US, but it should not be. New Stetic has been in the US market for more than 50 years, with its materials being sold mostly under private labels and exported directly to US dealers. In an effort to better serve the US market, the company recently opened New Stetic USA to inventory products, increase its market presence, and improve its customer-service level to the American dental community.

New Stetic sells dental products in 62 countries and is the fifth-largest producer of acrylic teeth in the world. The company also manufactures PMMA discs for CAD/CAM, acrylic resins, anesthetics, amalgams, and more.

Drawing on 67 years of manufacturing experience, New Stetic develops all of its own materials, allowing for maximum innovation at the earliest stages. The company also has one of the most modern quality control laboratories in the world, helping guarantee premium quality.

"Innovation is such a key ingredient at our company," says Juan David Jaramillo Gomez, General Manager of New Stetic. "We learned some time ago that developing products from raw materials and maintaining batch-to-batch consistency is essential in producing higher-quality products. This allows us to be very flexible when producing and designing new products.

Every New Stetic product is developed with dental professionals, their unique workflows, and patient satisfaction in mind.

"Customer satisfaction is our main goal," Jaramillo says. "We strive to make our customers' lives easier."

New Stetic offers a complete range of acrylic resins for everything from conventional heat-cured materials to microwave processed ones; they are offered in high-impact and standard, as well as pour and self-cure. The company also recently launched its Portux® PMMA CAD/CAM discs, which are available in multilayer and monolayer formulations and 18- to 35-mm thicknesses. The multilayer PMMA has 10 layers, providing premium esthetics.

"Because of our advanced technology in shade matching of resins, we are able to bring the technician reliable results in color matching of teeth and acrylics," Jaramillo says, "and because we manufacture our own materials, we can provide not only perfect esthetics but also great value."

Industry veterans David Grimes, CDT, and Fred Rosenfield are helping to reinforce that level of satisfaction in the US market.

"We greatly value their knowledge and experience," Jaramillo says.

Of course, acrylic teeth remain a key part of New Stetic's portfolio. Jaramillo says analog components are still of paramount importance even as digital workflows gain popularity.

"Digital dentistry is all the rage, and we feel it will be such a large part of the future," Jaramillo says. "However, analog processes combined with digital in some form are still the prevalent method by which most laboratories are producing prosthetics. Analog processing of dentures remains the primary production process today. We cannot produce most cases without some type of combined analog/digital process."

Still, New Stetic is working on developing printable resins as well.

"We will continue to monitor the printable denture resins and how best to approach and develop a stronger and more resilient printable resin and process," Jaramillo says.

New Stetic USA

COMPANY HISTORY: Headquartered in Colombia, New Stetic proudly employs a dedicated team of 700 mostly local personnel, 65% of whom are female. The internal structure of New Stetic is designed to meet the needs of production and market research to ensure not only its stay in the market but also its projection and international growth. Thanks to a constant development and rigorous standards in manufacturing, New Stetic is able to meet all standards of good quality manufacturing, such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, BMP, Basc, CE, and several 510K certifications.


Juan David Jaramillo
General Manager, New Stetic

Andres Arango
General Manager
New Stetic USA Export Manager
New Stetic

David Grimes, CDT
Sales Manager
New Stetic USA

Fred Rosenfield
New Stetic USA International Representative
New Stetic

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