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Inside Dental Technology
November 2019
Volume 10, Issue 11

Amann Girrbach Is Here for You with

Zolid DNA zirconia has a new home in the US

Information at your fingertips and robust customer support are paramount as dental laboratories navigate today's restorative materials market. Amann Girrbach is addressing this need in a comprehensive way with the launch of the new website, which provides new information and targeted support tools.

"We are here for you—at our US headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, and via a wide network of product specialists and support personnel across the USA and Canada," says Joseph Virgilio, President at Amann Girrbach North America.

Zolid DNA blanks are manufactured entirely in-house at the Amann Girrbach manufacturing site Dentistry One in Austria. Only the best raw materials are processed into blanks, using the strictest test methods and specific, certified processes. This is the only way to ensure that all material parameters are perfectly matched to the needs of dentistry. Fully embedded into the Ceramill CAD/CAM workflow, this results in an efficient and safe system with tailor-made solutions.

While material options have increased in complexity to address a wider range of indications, Amann Girrbach helps to address this challenge by offering comprehensive processes, tools, and support via that help simplify the workflow and ensure great outcomes. In support of the Zolid DNA zirconia portfolio, Amann Girrbach offers the Esthetic Management Workflow—tools and educational content to make the fabrication of highly esthetic zirconia restorations easier than ever before. These tools include an application guide with interactive buttons linking to online video tutorials. These videos guide users through the manufacturing process of restorations made from Zolid DNA blanks step-by-step. The many in-person courses or online webinars that Amann Girrbach offers are also great tools for success. They provide theoretical background knowledge with the requirements of daily practice. Perfect esthetics and precise processing of Zolid DNA blanks are the focus of these trainings. Furthermore, the individual sequences of the many video tutorials are important tools that guide users "hands on" through the customizing process for selected indications. Besides preparing zirconia restorations, the emphasis is on individualization with liquids, stains, and veneering materials.

In addition to these tools, the website also provides the company's trade show schedule, key opinion leader statements, links to brochures and flyers, and direct contact information to the two US-based Consumables Managers. Brian Li, Consumables Manager West, is located in Los Angeles, California. He joined Amann Girrbach in 2013 and has extensive CAD/CAM and dental materials experience. He has worked for and run several laboratories in the past and led hundreds of CAD/CAM user courses and workshops. Nancy Franceschi, Consumables Manager East, is located in Tampa, Florida. She is a Certified Dental Technician with more than 30 years of experience in the dental industry and has worked in both large commercial laboratory and small in-house clinical settings. Both are fully committed to supporting Amann Girrbach's longtime consumables users and providing important information and guidance to new users and anyone who is interested in learning about the Zolid DNA line.

"I truly believe that Amann Girrbach is uniquely positioned as a global leader in CAD/CAM equipment and consumables due to our focus on providing validated and integrated solutions," Virgilio says. "In particular, the Zolid zirconia line is unmatched for its esthetics, strength and longevity. Therefore, we have grown our team in North America to offer even more service, training and support to our partners and customers."

Executive Profile: Brian Li

Currently: Consumables Manager West
Past: Joined Amann Girrbach in 2013 after 2 years as an Implant Technical Advisor for a large laboratory and 9 years as an instructor for VITA North America
Responsibilities: Providing expert support based out of Los Angeles, California

Executive Profile: Nancy Franceschi, CDT

Currently: Consumables Manager East
Past: Joined Amann Girrbach this year with more than 30 years of experience in the industry
Responsibilities: Providing expert support based out of Tampa, Florida

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