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Inside Dental Technology
May 2019
Volume 10, Issue 5

Bringing Innovation to Industry-Leading Solutions

3Shape releases Dental System 2019

By John T. Debri

In a world where technology is constantly changing the landscape of industries, workflow development will empower and strengthen the leadership position of competing companies. New and original workflows provide a competitive advantage for companies and their customers utilizing those products and services.

For Dental Services Group and our nationwide network of laboratories, 3Shape has been the catalyst to expand our digital case processing capabilities. Our history with 3Shape began in 2004, when we were one of the first laboratories utilizing the 3Shape Dental System for CAD/CAM production. Today, we have 30 locations with 3Shape systems, including Dental System, Ortho System, Cambridge, and Implant Studio.

3Shape has demonstrated great insight in formulating leading solutions for the dental industry—from initial case consultation and intraoral and desktop scanning to CAD planning and CAM processing. On the laboratory hardware side, we started with the D200/D250 scanners, which could complete the basic scanning function of capturing data from a simple model for use in 3-dimensional design. Fast-forward 15 years to the newest E series scanners, and the differences are amazing. The E series represents a large leap in hardware for 3Shape. The next software leap is Dental System 2019. DS 2019 promises to build on what has been the most integrated, precise, and flexible solution for laboratories, while taking full advantage of the E series scanners' latest features.

One of the workflow developments in DS 2019 is impression scanning with a separate stone die. Finding consistency in restorations fabricated from impression scans has been difficult due to the inconsistent nature of impressions that laboratories receive. Previous scanning technology also limited the implementation of impression scanning due to lack of data capture and the time it took to complete the scans (often 12 to 15 minutes). Trying to find a way to build consistency into the process led 3Shape to incorporate a separate die scan into the impression scanning workflow. The separate stone die is trimmed to reveal the margin that can often be hidden or covered in an impression scan. That die scan is merged into the impression scan, resulting in clearer, more accurate data for processing the restoration. The E3 also incorporates a multi-line blue laser for more comprehensive data capture. This gives technicians a visual cue of when post-processing begins, allowing the next scanning step to be started. As a result, the average scan/processing time of just over 4 minutes is three times faster than during our original testing back in 2008.

Our studies with this new workflow have shown a 75% reduction in model fabrication labor as well as additional savings in stone and articulation components for monolithic restorations by eliminating the need for pouring the working models and articulation. The resulting restorations have shown to be more accurate, with less adjustment needed upon delivery and a lower remake percentage when compared to traditional model cases. Having completed more than 1,500 cases utilizing the new workflow, we are starting to understand the true positive impact this system is having for our laboratories and our clients.

With Dental System 2019 scheduled for release in the coming months, all 3Shape users can soon realize the benefits of 3Shape's workflow developments.

Key Takeaways

Workflow development builds competitive advantage
Predictable results for impression scanning
Greater productivity and accuracy through E3 scanners

About the Author

John T. Debri
Lead Technical Specialist
Dental Services Group
Wyoming, MI

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